'Fortnite' Legendary Quest Walkthrough: How to Spoil the Mole's Sabotage Attempt

Part of this week's legendary questline in Fortnite directs you to "spoil the mole's sabotage attempt" by deactivating a bomb in Corny Complex.

As a little narrative background, earlier this week Corny Complex became the latest target of the Kymera's abduction beam. Here, chunks of the ground are literally being ripped from the earth and drawn up towards the mothership, creating a kind of low-gravity platforming arena.

Under the direction of Doctor Slone, the Imagined Order (IO) has concealed explosives beneath the various floating islands, so that they can be detonated once they are aboard the alien vessel. It is a classic Trojan horse ploy, one that forms the basis of the upcoming "Operation: Sky Fire" event.

The entire legendary questline for Season 7, Week 14 is all about preparing for this final move against the aliens. Among other things, you will have to notify the island natives that the mothership will soon be crashing down, put up warning signs around the map, and try to uncover the identity of a Kymera mole who has been embedded within the IO.

That last part takes up a few missions, with you first having to disable the spy's communication channels and then later disrupt an attempt to sabotage "Operation: Sky Fire."

In terms of the latter, the mole has managed to activate one of the Corny Complex bombs too early, meaning that it will detonate before it is even in range of the mothership. It is your job to disarm the explosive before that happens.

Fortnite Mole's Sabotage Quest
Stage 5 of this week's legendary questline requires you to "spoil the mole's sabotage attempt". Epic Games

How to Spoil the Mole's Sabotage Attempt

To complete this stage of the legendary questline, you will first need to head over to Corny Complex in a battle royale match.

Explosive "countermeasures" are attached to almost every single floating island here, so it can be quick tricky to figure out which one specifically the mole has tampered with.

The relevant location can be found just beneath the "E" in the Corny Complex label on the map. It is the southernmost island in the region and is located ever so slightly to the west.

There was formally an IO outpost hidden underneath the barn here and, if you look at the base of the rock, you will notice that it has been hollowed out to accommodate a secret passageway.

In this little crevice, there is a bomb planted into the wall (see image below). This is the one that you need to neutralize to spoil the mole's sabotage attempt. Simply head over the countermeasure and hold down the interact button to finish the mission.

Fortnite's "Invasion" season is wrapping up soon and will be replaced by the enigmatic Chapter 2, Season 8. This means that you only have a limited amount of time left to complete any outstanding quests, including the recently introduced "Best Friendzy" challenge.

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