'Fortnite': What Time Does 'The End' Live Event Start and How To Join the Chapter 2 Finale

Fortnite Chapter 2 will soon be wrapping up with the appropriately titled "The End" mission. Concluding an era that has spanned over two years, this special event will also usher in the arrival of a brand-new island for the popular online shooter.

As you will likely already know, Fortnite is divided into seasons of content, each with its own unique theme, ongoing storyline and battle pass rewards. They tend to last somewhere between 2 to 3 months, and they always go out with a bang (often quite literally).

Right now, we are in the climactic days of the "Cubed" season, which has thus far seen interdimensional creatures invade the game world, a customizable cartoon fish join the roster, BRUTE mechs deployed around the island, and crossovers with tentpole movies like Dune.

After its obligatory 3-month stint, Cubed is going to bow out with its upcoming grand finale event, but it's more than just the conclusion of a season. Indeed The End will also serve as the denouement for Chapter 2 of Fortnite, which has been running since October 2019.

For those who are not aware, chapters are essentially the main acts of Fortnite, as they comprise multiple seasons (there were 10 in the last one and 8 this time around). Think of them a bit like the overarching "phases" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When a chapter comes to an end, it's even more significant than your average season finale, as it means that big changes are on the horizon. Among other things, you can expect a different map, an overhaul of most weapons and items, and an entirely new direction for the narrative.

It will also wipe the slate clean in terms of progress and XP, so much sure that you get any outstanding items that you really want before it's too late.

Here is everything you need to know about The End and what's next for Fortnite.

When Is 'The End' Chapter 2 Finale?

Fortnite's The End live event will take place on Saturday, December 4, with a start time of 4 p.m. ET.

For those in different time zones, this translates to 1 p.m. PST and 9 p.m. GMT.

After this point, the game will be inactive for at least a day while Epic builds anticipation for the next season (and sorts out a few things behind the scenes).

At the earliest, you can expect Chapter 3 to kick off on Sunday, December 5, but it could be later than that. Newsweek will update this piece if a firm release time is confirmed.

How To Join 'The End' Event

Much like with the recent "Operation: Sky Fire" event, there will be a separate playlist you can join closer to The End.

You will only have one chance to join this season finale as once it's over it'll be gone for good. To make sure that you don't miss it (due to any unforeseen technical glitches) Epic Games advise that you get into a lobby 30 minutes before the official start time.

The playlist (which supports up to 16 participants in a single lobby) will appear as an option on the main "Play" screen. It will be there from 3:30 p.m. ET. If you join early, as Epic recommends, then you will get to hang around with others in a pre-match arena.

Not much is known about The End at the time of writing, although it has been confirmed that it will involve you taking the fight to the villainous Cube Queen (who made a grand entrance in the Fortnitemares Halloween celebration).

The description on the Epic Games website reads: "With The Convergence complete, The Cube Queen prepares her endgame for the Island and nothing will ever be the same. Grab your weapons and fight the ultimate destroyer of all reality. Join 'The End', a one-time only, in-game event and battle for your legacy."

'The End' Event Rewards

Anyone who logs into Fortnite between now and the end of Chapter 2 will receive a 225,000 XP bonus. This will give you a chance to level up through the battle pass one last time and earn any leftover cosmetics.

In addition to this, anyone who completes The End will also get a special loading screen and weapon wrap for their participation.

Fortnite The End Keyart
Image shows the promotional art work for "The End" event that will serve as the grand finale of "Fortnite" Chapter 2. Epic Games