'Fortnite': How to Unlock Superman and Clark Kent Cosmetics

Superman and his civilian alter ego, Clark Kent, will be arriving in Fortnite Tuesday as part of the Season 7 battle pass.

How Does the 'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass Work?

Newsweek has already prepared an explainer on how the Season 7 battle pass works.

To quickly summarize, the latest version of Fortnite's progression system is far less linear than it used to be. Instead of unlocking skins, harvesting tools, emotes and gliders at predetermined levels, you now earn a special currency known as "Battle Stars."

These can be spent to redeem whatever items you wish (in whatever order you wish), meaning that you can now focus on the cosmetics you actually want and ignore the rest.

Acquiring the battle stars themselves is done by accumulating enough experience points (XP) to level up. You can do this by completing quests, defeating enemy players, or simply spending V-bucks to give yourself a boost.

Once you have earned a few stars, you can then head over to the battle pass tab in the main menu to choose your prize.

'Fortnite': How to Unlock Superman and Clark Kent Cosmetics

Not every cosmetic item that comes to Fortnite is available through the battle pass system and sometimes you just have to buy them. For example, the recent Bloodsport and LeBron James bundles could only be claimed through the item shop.

The Superman cosmetics are featured as part of the Season 7 battle pass, so you do not have to worry about topping up your V-Bucks allowance this time. However, the new items have special unlock requirements, which have been leaked ahead of time by reputable data miners on Twitter and on YouTube. Their findings have since been verified, as people have managed to unlock the items early.

Rather than just purchasing the Clark Kent outfit, or any of the associated cosmetics, with battle stars, you must instead complete a series of limited-time quests.

Here are the conditions for unlocking each of the Superman-themed items that are going to be featured in the current battle pass.

Call to Action Emoticon, Shield Spray and Clark Kent Outfit

When the bundle goes live later Tuesday, three quest giver NPCs will appear on the island. These will be Armored Batman (from the recent Fortnite crossover comic), Beast Boy, and the last son of Krypton himself.

The heroes will each be offering three missions for you to accept. Completing just one of them, from any of the characters, will earn you the "Call to Action" emoticon. Meanwhile, fulfilling three objectives will nab you the shield spray and ticking off five will unlock the Clark Kent outfit.

According to the leaks, the quests are as follows:

  • Beast Boy: Take damage from a player and survive.
  • Beast Boy: Reach speed 99 in a vehicle.
  • Beast Boy: Defeat aliens.
  • Armored Batman: Use a launchpad.
  • Armored Batman: Fly a saucer.
  • Armored Batman: Beast Boy: Defeat aliens.
  • Clark Kent: Visit three different named locations.
  • Clark Kent: Visit the mothership or an alien biome.
  • Clark Kent: Defeat aliens.

In case you were wondering, data miners have discovered that Batman will be located in Dirty Docks, Beast Boy will be roaming Weeping Woods, and Superman will be in the orchard to the southeast of Craggy Cliffs.

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The Superman Outfit, Secret Identity Emote and Superman Cape

Once you have unlocked the Clark Kent skin, you will then be able to use it to earn a few more cosmetics.

One of the new missions asks you to interact with an old fashioned phonebooth while dressed as Clark Kent, in an homage to how the hero originally used these as impromptu changing rooms when he needed to save the day. As glimpsed in the leaks, these booths can be found in Craggy Cliffs, at the gas station near Steel Farm, in Retail Row, near the Misty Meadows bus station and around the Viking Vessel.

Fittingly enough, getting into one of the phonebooths as Clark Kent will grant you access to the classic Superman costume, as well as the "Secret Identity" emote and the hero's cape as a form of back bling.

Daily Planet Back Bling

A miniaturized version of the rotating globe that sits atop The Daily Planet can also be equipped as back bling.

To unlock this cosmetic, you will need to equip the Clark Kent outfit and then glide through a series of rings floating just above weeping woods. This is presumably a nod to the infamous Superman 64 game, in which the DC hero spent an inordinate amount of time flying through hoops instead of fighting crime or rescuing people.

Kal-El's Cape Glider, Loading Screen, Solitude Striker and Shadow Color Style

The rest of the Superman cosmetics can be unlocked by completing a requisite number of epic quests.

In case you are unaware, these missions are distinguished by their purple color coding on the quest menu and will ask you to perform certain actions in multiplayer matches. You do not need to accept them from any quest givers and your progress will be automatically recorded.

Here is how many epic quests you need to finish for each item:

  • Ka-El Cape (Glider) — 63 epic quests.
  • Son of Krypton Loading Screen — 73 epic quests.
  • Solitude Striker (Harvesting Tool) — 78 epic quests.
  • Shadow Style — 84 epic quests

The Superman cosmetics will be added to the Fortnite battle pass Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET.

Epic Quests in Fortnite
Screenshot shows examples of epic quests in "Fortnite". Epic Games