Hilarious Reunion Between Friends Apart Since 1969: 'Wrong Name'

The reunion between two childhood friends after 53 years without seeing one another has warmed hearts online and tickled others for one hilarious blunder.

TikTok user @joinlilystar915 surprised her mom with lunch with her childhood friend named Helen. The moment the pair met has since gained over 700,000 views online and can be seen here.

The friends went to school together and have not seen each other since 1969, but somewhat instantly recognized one another despite the years gone by.

While walking through Hastings Old Town in England, the mom was approached by Helen who jokingly exclaimed: "Move your bloody self."

The mom stepped back in the heartwarming clip and gasped. Initially, the mom mixed up her friend's name, asking "Janice?" before immediately correcting herself by saying: "No, Helen. Helen."

According to @joinlilystar915, they "had recently been talking about people she went to school with, that's why Janice was at the front of her mind. But she knew within a split second it was Helen."

The mom stepped back in disbelief, saying "no" to herself. "You've come to meet me," said Helen, laughing as they began to walk off holding hands.

According to research by The Book of Everyone, the average woman has six best friends over their lifetime and a female friendship has an average lifespan of 16 years. Female friendships are also thought to be extra-resilient, compared with the average romantic relationship lasting just 10 years.

Despite not seeing one another for so many years, the friendship between the mom and Helen remained just as strong. The daughter agreed in a comment that there wasn't a moment of awkward silence and that "it was wonderful."

Images shared in the video showed the friends embracing in a hug after reuniting for the day. While a later video showed images of the pair as children throughout the years in school.

The touching moment was praised online as the TikTok post reached over 110,000 likes, with users also flooding the comments.

"This is amazing," noted one viewer.

"Too sweet," added another.

One user recounted a similar anecdote from their own mother's friendships, writing: "My mum recently got back in contact with her primary school best friend and it's like they've never been apart. 50+ years since they last saw each other and it's like they weren't even apart one day. They speak to each other every day now and it's so beautiful to see."

Others, however, were left amused by the temporary name mix-up at the beginning. "She got the wrong name," noted a viewer.

Newsweek has contacted TikTok user @joinlilystar915 for comment.

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