Giant 'RIP' Gabby Petito Crop Circle Tribute With Heart Unveiled in Florida

A Florida farm has paid a special tribute to Gabby Petito with a breathtaking 7-acre corn maze memorializing the 22-year-old blogger.

The touching memorial appeared among the crops at Hunsader Farms in Manatee County. Petito was reported missing by her parents on September 11. Her body was discovered in Wyoming eight days later, with a coroner determining she had been strangled to death.

Petito's case and the hunt for her boyfriend Brian Laundrie drew nationwide attention, not least in Florida where Laundrie's parents reside and where her boyfriend returned to, alone, on September 1 following a planned road trip with Petito.

Laundrie refused to tell police when he last saw Petito and disappeared shortly after. His remains were discovered on Wednesday in an area of Florida's Carlton reserve, following an extensive manhunt.

Rachel Hunsader Sliker, who runs the farm with her family, told Fox13 they had been "hoping and praying she would be found okay" and were left devastated when her remains were discovered. "It was really hard," she said.

When it came time to create the farm's annual corn maze, Hunsader Sliker suggested to her dad that he create something as a tribute to Petito.

"We just wanted to do something, not only for her but how this led to other missing persons being found," she explained. We thought that was important, too."

The result is a striking design featuring the words "R.I.P. Gabby" alongside a cross and a heart. Hunsader Farms posted a picture of the finished maze to Facebook with the resulting image garnering close to 5,000 interactions.

"With this being so close to home and heavy on our hearts, we wanted to pay tribute to Gabby and her family," a comment alongside the post read.

"This national story has not just helped find Gabby, but has helped find other missing persons. To Gabby's family: our thoughts and prayers are with you!"

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Followers praised the Hunsader Farms tribute on Facebook, with Melanie Zahner pledging to share the post with Petito's family.

"What a thoughtful thing to do," Sherry Cox DeWald wrote with Pat Biondi-Pennington Wood branding the farm a "class act" over the tribute.

"What a unique and thoughtful tribute," Lynn DeCandio Heckler agreed while Dawn Sarrach praised them for "honoring Gabby" in this way.

Hunsader Sliker, meanwhile, hopes the maze can offer "some kind of peace" to those affected by Petito's story.

Petito's disappearance helped shine a light on several other missing persons cases including that of Lauren Cho, who went missing in California.

The remains of father of two Robert Lowery, who had been missing since August, were also discovered as a result of the renewed focus on Teton County where both he and Petito were last seen.

A picture of Gabby Petito.
A picture of Gabby Petito from Instagram - a farm in Florida has paid a special tribute to the 22-year-old who was found dead last month. @gabspetito/Instagram