Geraldo Rivera and Charlie Kirk Clash on Fox News Over 'Dishonest' Election Claims

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera has hit out at Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, after the latter suggested Donald Trump should continue his legal battles despite the Electoral College officially voting for Joe Biden as president-elect.

Rivera and Kirk were speaking on Fox News after Biden delivered a speech affirming his victory, in which he called his unity across the country after weeks of an "unprecedented assault on our democracy" by Trump and the GOP.

"He is absolutely right, it is over," Rivera said on Monday night. "I want the president, my friend, the current president, the 45th president to understand it is over, the Electoral College has voted."

"The longer we drag this out. The more we damage the fabric of our democracy," he added.

"It also damages the legacy of President Trump, who should be taking a victory lap right now celebrating the vaccine that he almost single-handedly forced the scientific community to get ready to save millions of lives."

In response, Kirk said there are still questions that tens of millions of Americans have about the election that still need to be answered, such as why were people being "shut out" from voting tabulation process and there are still "plenty of pending legal challenges."

Rivera interrupted Kirk to say: "That is so dishonest."

"When you have 60 to 70 million people—and rough polls show that between 75 to 80 percent of Americans believe this—think the election was stolen," Kirk said.

"If you immediately dismiss all of their claims...If you all of a sudden act like there is not a motivated effort to destroy Donald Trump at all costs, and these elections were very much on the margins especially in Georgia and Arizona, and you suppress that conversation, that it is not healthy for the country."

Appearing to become exasperated by the suggestion that the outcome of the election could in any way still be changed, Rivera said: "For six weeks! We have litigated this for six weeks!

"Twice the Supreme Court of the United States rejected it nine to nothing, including all three Trump-associate justices.

"You have to stop this," Riviera adds.


Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) December 15, 2020

Fox News host Martha MacCallum then played a clip showing thousands of Trump supporters taking part in a rally in Washington on Saturday supporting the disputed claims that the election was rigged against the president.

"The passion is real for these millions and millions of people across the country," MacCallum said. "And how do you meet them? How does Joe Biden meet them? How does President Donald Trump address them right now in a way that can at least allow them to feel that their voices are heard, that their concerns are understood?"

In response, Rivera praised Al Gore for the "grace and good sense" he showed when he realized he was not going to get a Supreme Court court decision and accepted the narrow defeat to George W. Bush in Florida in the 2000 election which ultimately decided the entire result.

In contrast, Rivera denounced Trump for insisting he continues his fruitless legal battles despite the "scores of lawsuits" that have gone against him and giving his supporters unjustified hope.

"They believe him, they love him, they are following his lead," Rivera said. "It is the president instilling in these people the false sense that they have seen gypped."

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera visits the Dan Abrams show at SiriusXM Studios on November 1, 2018 in New York City. Rivera attacked Charlie Kirk for suggesting President Donald Trump should continue his challenges to the presidential election. Geraldo Rivera/Getty