Grand Jury Report Is 'Bad Omen' for Trump: Ex-Prosecutor

The release of part of the Georgia special grand jury report regarding Donald Trump's alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election is a "bad omen" for the former president, according to a former federal prosecutor.

"The grand jury finds that…there was 'no widespread' election fraud in the State of Georgia. Not a good omen for Trump & co; the next shoe to drop will be Willis's," former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann said in a tweet on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, a special grand jury released a partial report following a lengthy investigation into Trump's alleged attempts to overturn the results of the election in Georgia.

According to The New York Times, Judge Robert C.I. McBurney of Fulton County Superior Court previously said that the full report should not be released until Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis makes a decision on charges related to the investigation.

While the partial grand jury report did not explicitly name Trump, in 2021, the former president had a phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, where he asked if the state could "find 11,780 votes."

Donald Trump Fulton County
Above, a bridge outside the Fulton County Courthouse is pictured on September 29, 2022, in Atlanta. Inset, former President Donald Trump addresses the crowd during an election campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina, on January 28. On Thursday, a special grand jury report in Fulton County was released following an investigation into Trump's alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Megan Varner; Logan Cyrus / AFP/Getty Images

In the release on Thursday, the report said that the jury's members voted unanimously "that no widespread fraud took place in the Georgia 2020 presidential election that could result in overturning that election."

The report also said that a "majority of the Grand Jury believes that perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses testifying before it. The Grand Jury recommends that the District Attorney seek appropriate indictments for such crimes where the evidence is compelling."

Following his tweet, Weissmann told Newsweek that "the reason it's a bad omen is that a prerequisite to finding an illegal effort to overturn a valid Georgia election is that there was no fraud in the election that would alter the result, which the grand jury found unanimously."

"It does not mean that the grand jury found probable cause with respect to the other elements of the crimes it considered, but given the facts that are public, and its stated concern about perjury, it suggests that is the road they have taken," Weissmann said.

In response to the partial release of the grand jury report, a spokesperson for Trump told Newsweek that "the long-awaited important sections of the Georgia report, which do not even mention President Trump's name, have nothing to do with the President because President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.

"The President participated in two perfect phone calls regarding election integrity in Georgia, which he is entitled to do—in fact, as President, it was President Trump's Constitutional duty to ensure election safety, security, and integrity."

The spokesperson added: "Between the two calls, there were many officials and attorneys on the line, including the Secretary of State of Georgia, and no one objected, even slightly protested, or hung up. President Trump will always keep fighting for true and honest elections in America!"