'Halftime' on Netflix: Did Jennifer Lopez Win an Oscar?

Jennifer Lopez's new Netflix documentary Halftime sees the singer and actor readying herself for the possibility that she will be nominated for an Oscar.

The Netflix documentary is mostly about the preparation for her joint Super Bowl half-time show with Shakira, but the "Waiting for Tonight" singer was also in the midst of the campaign trail for her 2019 movie Hustlers.

Hustlers, in which she portrayed a stripper-turned-scammer named Ramona, saw Lopez getting some of her best reviews as an actor since the late 1990s – in fact, the movie was her first rated "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes since 1998's Antz (in which she had a voice role) and Out of Sight.

Halftime sees a member of Lopez's make-up team telling her, "We're on our way to the Oscar." But did the singer get there?

Did Jennifer Lopez win an Oscar?

Lopez has been nominated for two Golden Globes, two Grammys and one Emmy, but has never been nominated for an Oscar, let alone won one.

Her absence from the Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 2020 Oscars is considered to be one of the biggest snubs of the year – if not all time.

In the lead-up to the nominations being announced, Florence Pugh was expected to appear on the list for Little Women, as were Margot Robbie for Bombshell and eventual winner Laura Dern for Marriage Story. Many thought Lopez could take one of those two remaining slots, but these ended up going to Scarlett Johansson for Jojo Rabbit and, in a surprise to many, Kathy Bates for Richard Jewell.

As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does not release its votes, we will probably never know how close Lopez was to securing a nomination. However, she appears to have been a victim of a trend whereby the Academy sometimes fail to recognize strong performances from actors after they starred in a string of movies that get a bad reception from the critics.

That same year, Adam Sandler also lost out on a nomination despite receiving plaudits for his performance in Uncut Gems.

jennifer lopez oscar
Jennifer Lopez in "Halftime." The Netflix documentary sees the singer dealing with the Oscar buzz around her movie "Hustlers." Netflix

In Halftime, we often see Lopez show emotion in reading the praise she got for Hustlers. In one scene, for example, she cries after reading a Glamour article that said of her: "Frankly, it's thrilling to see a criminally underrated performer get her due from prestige film outlets."

We also find her in the Netflix doc close to tears after she loses the Golden Globe to Laura Dern. The "Get Right" singer says: "I really thought I had a chance. I feel like I let everybody down."

In a confessional in the doc, she says: "The truth is I really started to think I was going to get nominated. I got my hopes up because so many people were telling me I would be and then it didn't happen. I had to ask myself, 'What does that mean?'"

Lopez previously echoed these sentiments in an Allure interview, in which she said: "It came to a point where I was like, 'This is not why I do this. I don't do this to have 10 Oscars sitting on my mantel or 20 Grammys.' The point is creating and the joy that I get from the things I get to put out in the world that entertain and inspire and empower people."

Halftime is streaming now on Netflix.