'He Is A Scumbag Friend': YouTuber Jeff Wittek Opens Up About David Dobrik

Former member of the Vlog Squad and YouTuber Jeff Wittek recently came forward about his near-death experience while filming a video with David Dobrik.

In an episode of his podcast Jeff FM titled "Dear David" Wittek, 32, said Dobrik, 25, never reached out with an apology or checked in on him while he was recovering in the hospital. He also said the two are no longer in contact.

Dobrik and his group of friends – often referred to as the Vlog Squad – started as a group of Viners who shifted to YouTube to create content after Vine shut down in early 2017. As Dobrik's daily vlogs gained traction on YouTube, more of his friends were added to the group, many of whom were not content makers prior.

Wittek, who joined the vlog squad in late 2018, said he is "not holding back anymore" and wants to finally open up about the mental and physical trauma he suffered during his time on the Vlog Squad.

"I've been protecting this guy for so long and there's so much more to the story than just him not texting me for a week after I had such a drastic surgery where I could've been blind," Wittek said during the podcast episode.

In June 2020, Wittek sustained serious injuries to his skull and face after he agreed to be tied to the end of an excavator – a large piece of construction equipment – that was being operated by Dobrik in a lake.

In now-deleted footage of the prank, Dobrik continued to spin Wittek high in the air as he lost his grasp on the rope and landed headfirst in the shallow water. Wittek explained on his Instagram that he broke his skull and face "in a few places" and required multiple surgeries as well as metal plates in his face.

During the podcast episode, Wittek said he woke up from surgery and said he had no texts from Dobrik checking in. He said another day went by before he eventually went on Instagram to see Dobrik smiling in a selfie and promoting his vlog.

"You got time to do this but you can't text me and be like 'hey did you go blind or not from my actions?'" Wittek said. "I just wanna f***ing tell the truth finally. I gave this motherf***er so many chances. Even now a week later I still haven't heard a peep."

Wittek went on to address the fact that Dobrik and the incident in 2020 messed him up "mentally and physically." He also said the documentary series on YouTube called Don't Try This at Home "sugarcoated" the severity of the incident.

"There was so much more that I could have said but I tried to protect this guy for so long," Wittek said. "It takes time to see people's true colors."

Wittek also said he regretted the way he went about talking about the entire incident in the documentary because he felt a responsibility to protect Dobrik's reputation and career.

He also claimed that the director of a documentary with Dobrik contacted him and said that during Dobrik's interview he blamed Wittek for the excavator accident.

"David blamed me for the crane. He insinuated that I was crazy, I always wanna push s**t, and I'm the reason that this happened when that's complete bulls**t," Wittek claimed.

He also said there were about 20 people on the beach who witnessed the accident and that he had several terabytes of footage showing Dobrik "begging" him to go out on the crane once more in the water because "it's more scenic."

"Imagine you smash somebody's skull in, they take it on the chin, they don't sue you, they don't f***ing press charges...I nearly died I came an inch from death and an inch from going blind," Wittek said. "I'll have lifelong brain injuries and saved him from f***ing everything. You would have got deported, you would have got put in jail for manslaughter, you could have got sued for everything, I took it on the chin."

He said he lost all respect for Dobrik after hearing the interview clip because he let himself be the target of jokes and blame for a year in an attempt to protect Dobrik's reputation.

"David nearly killed me, came back to post it immediately while I had my face smashed in, lost all my jobs, couldn't work for a year, and posted like nothing ever happened," Wittek said.

David Dobrik YouTuber
YouTuber Jeff Wittek is alleging that David Dobrik blamed him for the accident in June 2020 that nearly killed him. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic