'Home Sweet Home Alone' Easter Egg Reveals Where Kevin McCallister Is Now

Home Sweet Home Alone has arrived this "Disney+ Day," over 30 years after Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) was left alone to inflict his sadistic reign of terror on two burglars.

This new movie in the Home Alone franchise firmly puts itself in the same universe as the 1990 original, with references to elements from the first movie and even a cameo from a cast member.

Though Culkin himself doesn't make an appearance, the film does give us some glimpses of the life of his character as he heads into his 40s via a few references to the original.

Where Is Kevin from Home Alone Now According to Home Sweet Home Alone?

According to Home Sweet Home Alone (the sixth movie in the Home Alone franchise), Kevin seems to be doing pretty well for himself.

In one shot, we see that Max (Archie Yates) has a security system on his house. On a sign we see that that security is provided by McCallister Security. Of course, any member of the McCallister family could have gone into the security business, but which of them could possibly know more about keeping a home safe than Kevin? Though hopefully he has moved beyond white-hot doorknobs and swinging paint cans and now relies on slightly less dangerous forms of home protection.

The McCallister Security sign isn't the only hint we get of Kevin's life in 2021.His brother Buzz (Devin Ratray) also gives us a family update.

As teased in the Home Sweet Home Alone, the bullying Buzz has now become a cop (draw your own conclusions from that). He reveals that Kevin now calls in a "home alone" prank into the police every year.

That seems a little unfair seeing as it was hardly Buzz's fault that the McCallister parents were negligent enough to leave Kevin home alone and then to lose him in New York. But clearly, Kevin still holds a little resentment that his family left him to fend for himself with The Wet Bandits.

Asked about these Easter eggs by Slash Film, Home Sweet Home Alone director Dan Mazer said: "I was very eager that this lived on its own terms and stood on its own two feet and didn't feel too much of a callback fest.

"Hopefully we've struck the balance where there's enough in there where adults will watch it and go, 'Oh yeah, I get that. That's good. Oh, that's funny. That's clever.' ... I think a really clever callback to the original, with one part in there which I think seems intelligent and fresh, and not too arbitrary a token."

Home Sweet Home Alone is not the first piece of content to wonder at what Kevin's life might be like in the 21st century. In 2015, Culkin reprised the role for web series Dryvrs, which painted a much darker portrait of the trauma that Kevin was still living with.

In an episode of the show (which, it should be noted, is an unofficial use of the character), Culkin plays a PTSD-suffering character married to his "childhood sweetheart" Anna (seemingly a reference to Anna Chlumsky in My Girl), who begins telling a story of being left alone by his parents when he was eight.

This episode also makes reference to Buzz when Culkin's character says: "They remembered my bastard of a bother, but they forgot me, the cutest eight-year-old in the universe."

This version of the character still has a sadistic streak: When a gunman
tries to rob the car Kevin is in, he puts a coat hanger in the vehicle's cigarette lighter and uses it to burn the attacker's hand. Things then take an even more violent turn...

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Left: Archie Yates in "Home Sweet Home Alone." Right: Macaulay Culkin at a 2021 event. Disney+/Getty