How To Get 'Control' for Free on the Epic Games Store

In 2020, Fortnite developer Epic Games committed to handing out free games on a sporadic basis. Over the course of the year, the company added over 73 titles to their digital storefront that could be downloaded for free by anyone with an existing Epic Games account.

Having been incredibly well-received, this giveaway arrangement has continued into 2021, with Epic offering a new game every Thursday at 11 a.m. ET. The first of this year's freebies was the park-management sim Jurassic World Evolution, which was featured as part of a 15-day holiday promotion at Christmas. Since then, Epic have released a number of other major AAA releases, including Star Wars Battlefront II, Alien: Isolation and Metro: Last Light, alongside an assortment of smaller indie games.

This week's offering is Remedy Entertainment's 2019 sleeper hit Control. The survival horror outing takes place within a secretive government agency, known as the "Federal Bureau of Control," where strange phenomena are monitored by enigmatic scientists, everyday objects possess supernatural powers, and interdimensional beings wage a bloody war against humanity.

Control was the recipient of multiple "Game of the Year" awards and rave reviews when it debuted back 2019. In particular, it was praised for its intriguing storyline, gratifying telekinetic combat, and outstanding visuals that pushed the last-gen hardware of the PS4 and Xbox One to their limits. Since then, it has also been upgraded for the PS5 console, in order to support ray tracing, a stable 60 frames per second mode, and use of the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers.

It is a definite must-play if you haven't already tried it, especially if you are a fan of cult science-fiction shows like The X-Files or Fringe. There are not many other titles that can make mundane household appliances like a kitchen fridge intimidating, but Control does it masterfully.

To download your free copy of Control on PC, head to the Epic Games Store and sign into your account or create a new one. Once you are logged in, find Control on the homepage, hit the "get" button and download the game, which will then be permanently added to your library.

Newsweek is keeping a log of all the free games that are added to the Epic Games Store as part of these regular giveaways. The article is updated each Thursday morning, so be sure to check in weekly to see what you may have missed or what is coming next.

Jesse Faces Off Against A Giant Monster
Picture shows Control's protagonist, Jesse Faden, doing battle against a giant inter-dimensional creature. 505 Games