This Is How Many Monkeypox Vaccines Have Been Sent to Each State

As monkeypox continues to spread around the world, countries are buying millions of vaccine doses to protect at-risk populations.

As of July 20, there were more than 15,300 confirmed monkeypox cases globally in the current outbreak, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—almost all of which had occurred in countries that have not historically reported monkeypox. Of that total, over 2,300 were reported from the United States.

On July 15, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that the government had ordered an additional 2.5 million doses of the Jynneos vaccine that can be used to protect against monkeypox, bringing the eventual national stockpile to nearly 7 million by mid-2023.

Of those, only a fraction have been made available to states since late May, with 191,372 distributed by the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response as of Wednesday. Essentially all states in the country have now received doses, though the amount differs widely.

Monkeypox vaccine
A monkeypox vaccine shot being prepared by a healthcare worker in Wilton Manors, Florida, on July 12, 2022. Monkeypox vaccines have been distributed all across the U.S., but eligibility and supplies are currently limited. Joe Raedle/Getty

Eligibility information may also differ between states, and people should contact their local health department for information that might be relevant to them.

In New York City for example, where the vaccine has faced high demand, the shot is only available to men who have sex with men (MSM), including trans men, who are aged 18 or older and have had multiple or anonymous sex partners within the past 14 days.

Eligibility in D.C. is similar, with sex workers of any gender and staff at establishments where sexual activity occurs also eligible and encouraged to pre-register for an appointment.

In Georgia only people considered to be at high risk of the disease can get it, including MSM in the metro Atlanta area and men who have had multiple partners in the past two weeks, according to Georgia Public Broadcasting.

In New Jersey, rules are similar to New York City and individuals that attended an event where known monkeypox exposure occurred can also get it.

Another example is Los Angeles, where the vaccine is available to MSM who were diagnosed with gonorrhea or early syphilis within the past 12 months, are on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or attended or worked at a commercial sex venue or other venue where they had anonymous sex or sex with multiple partners within the past 21 days. People in L.A. may also get invited to get the shot by the public health department if they are identified as high-risk via contact tracing.

Below is a comprehensive list of how many monkeypox vaccines have been distributed to U.S. states and/or jurisdictions according to the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response as of Wednesday.

Case numbers are according to the CDC as of July 20. Please note that an absence of case numbers in any of the below regions does not necessarily mean there are no cases in that region—only that case data there was not included in the CDC data table.


Cases: 4
Vaccines: 12


Cases: -
Vaccines: 102


Cases: 22
Vaccines: 2,109


Cases: 1
Vaccines: 100


Cases: 356
Vaccines: 26,990


Cases: -
Vaccines: 8,013


Cases: 38
Vaccines: 4,523


Cases: 15
Vaccines: 230


Cases: 1
Vaccines: 415

District of Columbia

Cases: 110
Vaccines: 8,848


Cases: 208
Vaccines: 26,091


Cases: 158
Vaccines: 3,290


Cases: 8
Vaccines: 1,512


Cases: -
Vaccines: 300


Cases: 1
Vaccines: 346


Cases: 208
Vaccines: 2,377


Cases: 26
Vaccines: 2,490


Cases: 5
Vaccines: 62


Cases: 1
Vaccines: 216


Cases: 4
Vaccines: 366

Los Angeles

Cases: - (132 in LA County, according to the public health department)
Vaccines: 23,982


Cases: 16
Vaccines: 2,082


Cases: -
Vaccines: 226


Cases: 55
Vaccines: 3,477


Cases: 69
Vaccines: 7,007


Cases: 19
Vaccines: 1,806


Cases: 15
Vaccines: 4,144


Cases: -
Vaccines: 416


Cases: 5
Vaccines: 20


Cases: -
Vaccines: 8


Cases: 2
Vaccines: 273


Cases: 7
Vaccines: 1,162

New Hampshire

Cases: 3
Vaccines: 262

New Jersey

Cases: 41
Vaccines: 2,813

New Mexico

Cases: 6
Vaccines: 373

New York

Cases: 581
Vaccines: 7,633

New York City

Cases: 711 (according to
Vaccines: 21,821

North Carolina

Cases: 13
Vaccines: 2,869

North Dakota

Cases: -
Vaccines: 65


Cases: 11
Vaccines: 10


Cases: 3
Vaccines: 236


Cases: 9
Vaccines: 1,522


Cases: 58
Vaccines: 3,199


Cases: -
Vaccines: 2,040

Puerto Rico

Cases: 7
Vaccines: 750

Rhode Island

Cases: 7
Vaccines: 536

South Carolina

Cases: 6
Vaccines: 847

South Dakota

Cases: 1
Vaccines: 47


Cases: 10
Vaccines: 1,317


Cases: 81
Vaccines: 856

U.S. Virgin Islands

Cases: -
Vaccines: 100


Cases: 11
Vaccines: 2,309


Cases: -
Vaccines: 59


Cases: 56
Vaccines: 4,051


Cases: 55
Vaccines: 3,550

West Virginia

Cases: 1
Vaccines: 267


Cases: 6
Vaccines: 803


Cases: -
Vaccines: 42