Incredible Footage of Bear Scaling Tree To Catch Eagle Viewed 2m Times

Viral footage of a bear taking on an eagle nest has wowed the internet this week, after capturing viral attention.

The video that was filmed in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada was shared on Wednesday by TikTok user adamjhudec. The video has since received more than two million views and thousands of comments.

In the incredible footage, a black bear scales a huge tree to reach an eagle nest. While the parents fly back and forth trying to distract the giant bear, he continues unfazed before taking a baby eagle from the nest and back down the tree.

Eagles are some of the world's largest birds. With the exception of some vultures, they are generally larger than other birds of prey. With strong legs, powerful talons, and large hooked beaks—their wingspan has been recorded to reach up to 2.5 meters.

Black bear and eagle
A stock image of a black bear in a tree, left, and a file photo of an eagle and eaglets in a nest, right. The internet has been left in awe after seeing how a black bear scaled a tree to reach an eagle nest. ChristinaPrinn/PaulReevesPhotography/Getty Images

Apex predators, the birds are at the top of the food chain.

Living on a carnivorous diet of meat and fish, despite the fact they are not typically hunted by other animals, there are situations where eagles can find themselves in danger.

Unattended eaglets and weaker adult eagles can find themselves in danger from predators including bears, wolves, lions, alligators, and ravens.

But, the star of this show is the black bear. Native to North America, they typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers. Known to sleep in trees in the summer months, they can also be found in mountains and swamps.


The full real video of this bear taking on an eagles nest!! Cant believe I got to see this in person while fishing in northern Saskatchewan!

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Far from picky eaters, they're known to eat berries, roots, salmon, and even prey on deer, moose, and other animals.

The incredible moment where the bear decided to scale the tree was caught during a fishing trip where Hudec said: "I can't believe I got to see this in person."

Far from the only bear to be caught on camera, earlier this year another clip captured viral attention when a bear climbed up a tree to get his hands on the contents of a bird feeder.

Meanwhile, in October last year, one young bear shocked a family by taking a nap on the porch after feasting on the Halloween pumpkins outside.

"Well that wasn't the ending I expected," said one commenter on the viral video as the bear scaled the tree.

Another viewer wrote: "I'm surprised the eagles don't pick up the baby and fly away. They could definitely do that. I think the parents hired the bear."

"Sad to see but a great video," said another reply. "This is incredible," wrote another.

"Nature knows no mercy," wrote another viewer: "Great job filming and not trying to change the course of nature."

Newsweek has reached out to adamjhudec for comment.