Influencer Shocked to Find Selfie With Her Boyfriend Used in Asian TV Show

An influencer was baffled to see a selfie of her and her boyfriend pop up on an Asian TV show, with another actress's face photoshopped in.

Rianne Meijer, who has more than a million followers on her verified Instagram page, shared a snap of her and her other half, named as Roy Atiya on his account, in 2019.

It shows the couple smiling in front of the gorgeous Lake Lucerne, with the post's tag indicating it was taken at the Park Hotel, in Vitznau, Switzerland. "Happy bday to you," Meijer wrote, referring to Atiya.

But bizarrely the photo resurfaced in the most unlikely place after it was used in a frame as a prop on a T.V. show. Meijer, thought to be based in The Netherlands, was alerted to the sighting after a fan got in touch, and sent her a clip of the episode.

She shared a clip to TikTok on Tuesday, comparing her selfie to the framed photo which appeared on the screen. Meijer said: "Remember this picture, this is a picture I posted with my boyfriend a while ago. Watch."

The scene shows two actresses chatting, as one says, according to the captions: "Because I can see myself being happy and joyful." She looks wistfully at a photograph on a counter, showing the 2019 snap, but with another woman's face edited over Meijer.

Meijer continued: "Who is that, what is this? I mean they look good together, I don't know. It's fine."

The TikTok clip, which she captioned "the internet is a funny place," has been viewed more than two million times, and can be seen here.


The internet is a funny place

♬ original sound - Rianne Meijer

In the comments, the influencer shared more details about how she found out and revealed the team had apologized.

She confirmed: "Update: The crew of the show send an apology this morning and honestly; all good. They are so sweet and this gave us a good laugh.

"I got a DM on Instagram this morning from a girl who was watching the show and recognized the picture!"

Numerous people commented on the hilarity of the situation, while others claimed Meijer should be compensated.

Laura asked: "Dude there are so many couple stock photos. Why would they go to this effort?"

Jana Kortmann joked: "Bestie, did they just steal your boyfriend."

"They really photoshop you out of your own picture," A2lex wrote.

Sunny reckoned: "That's breaking international laws there, sis. Go get your money."

Hbgoodie commented: "I'm dead this is the funniest thing ever."

While Papi Juancho added: "Did they get permission to use your picture?"

While Meijer didn't name the show, numerous people claimed it was a Chinese drama, called Summer Again.

One fan explained the storyline in which Atiya was supposedly involved in, with Bunnyreirei saying: "So apparently Roy is also Andre and he is French and met a Chinese girl named Mia on a China seaside town and started a long distance relationship for years that he never showed up in person in the whole 24 episodes long ass series and only made appearance once for less than 5 seconds, in which, caught by @rianne.meijer opps."

Website MyDramaList explains more about the show, claiming two dozen episodes were screened throughout July.

Revealing more about the plot, the site said: "Ballet dancer Tong Xi is forced to return from the big city to her hometown due to her mother's job transfer. She wants to hide her tough girl character by transferring to another school but is seen through by her childhood friend, Lin Nan Yi, who knows her roots and can't get along with her."

Newsweek reached out to Chinese TV channel IQIYI, which screened the show, for comment.

Update 10/20/21, 6:37 a.m. ET: Meijer declined to comment when approached by Newsweek.

Screengrab from T.V. show Summer Again.
Screengrab from T.V. show Summer Again, episode 10. A woman was baffled to see a photo of her and her boyfriend appear on a foreign show. Summer Again/YouTube / IQIYI