Internet Furiously Hunts for Camouflaged Cat in Viral Photo: 'Feel Stupid'

Cats are well-known for their love of napping in awkward spots and their uncanny ability to squeeze into the most unusual spaces.

This usually means you can find a cat in the unlikeliest of places, sometimes perfectly blending in with their surroundings as they lie still for hours.

A tuft of fur poking out under a cushion to some whiskers behind a piece of furniture is sometimes the only giveaway to a cat's presence. Their natural stealth has led to an explosion of brainteaser-esque images popping up online, as owners challenged people to find their camouflaged cats hiding in photos.

One tricky snap, taken by cat owner Destiny Robb, @dstnyro, was liked more than 47,000 times since being re-posted to Twitter account @Thereisnocat_ on Monday.

The photo of her hallway left people scratching their heads, as they pored over the snap searching for the promised pussycat.

Speaking to Newsweek, Robb, who shares another cat with her boyfriend, Jamey See Tai, explained the star of the snap was their 8-year-old cat named Remy.

As the snap blew up, numerous people weighed in on Twitter with possible locations.

Tracy Just raved: "I love these so much I've developed a system. First I look for the most obvious place a cat would be, then zoom in to see if I was right. If I'm wrong or there isn't any obvious spot, the real hunt begins and if I still can't find the cat, I cheat and look at the replies."

Callum Thorner joked: "This account really drains my battery because I always have to turn my screen brightness up to find the cat and then I forget to turn it back down."

Kuromina D. admitted: "Lol! I absolutely hate it when I can't find the cat, so I comb through the responses to see if any one else did and always feel stupid that I didn't see it. Even in instances of camouflage like this one! Cheeky kitties!"

Photo from Destiny Robb of her cat.
Photo from Destiny Robb of her cat. The photo racked up thousands of views as people searched for her cat. Destiny Robb

If you're still stuck over where Remy is hiding, we recommend looking closely at the laundry basket.

Robb, from Louisville, Kentucky, told Newsweek: "He likes to sleep in all things that are shaped like boxes. I did notice him when I took the photo, thought it was funny that he blended in with the clean laundry."

Some people gloated they were able to spy Remy, as @WookieSmash commented: "We all knew the cat would be in the clothes basket. It's their second home after the luxurious cardboard box."

Devan Patterson thought: "Smart cat knows where to take a nap. Freshly washed clothes."

Mister Smith added: "Anyone who owns cats knows to immediately look at the laundry basket."

While Manic goof said: "Immediately looked in the laundry basket and still saw no cat. This page rocks. Exercising my brain."

Photo of Destiny Robb's cat and house.
Photo of Destiny Robb's cat and house. If you were struggling to find Remy, we circled him in yellow. Destiny Robb