Where Is Anna Sorokin Now? What Happened After the Events of Netflix's 'Inventing Anna'

Inventing Anna is out now on Netflix, telling the story of how the Russian-born Anna Sorokin (played by Julia Garner) pretended to be a German heiress, cheated her way into New York high society, and became a convicted scammer.

The Netflix series takes us through her trial, with the story of how she got there told in flashbacks along the way. By the end of the last episode, Sorokin has been found guilty for some of her crimes.

That was in May 2019, however, and plenty has happened since then, which Inventing Anna only gets into with a title card. For example, Sorokin was briefly a free woman, before getting taken into custody again for a different reason.

What Happened to Anna Sorokin After Inventing Anna?

The title card sums up the main development in the case. It reads: "Anna was released from prison on February 11, 2021. A month later, she was taken into custody by ICE for overstaying her visa."

Sorokin had been found guilty of grand larceny, attempted grand larceny and theft of service for the thousands of dollars she owed to various hotels and a private jet company. In 2019, she was sentenced to between four and 12 years in jail.

Though convicted in 2019, her sentence included the time she had spent in prison since first being arrested, meaning that she was released after four years behind bars in 2021. Per Insider, she was released on parole early due to good behaviour after spending 19 months in jail at Rikers Island, and 21 months in prison at Albion Correctional Facility.

She quickly got to work on some brand management, blogging on the (now defunct) website about her time in prison and (oddly) writing an open letter to Harvey Weinstein in which she compared her time in prison to that of the disgraced film producer, while also taking jabs at the press for their reporting on celebrity inmates.

Speaking to Insider, Sorokin said of her time in prison: "It's about who you know. It's kind of like the scene in New York, but amplified. Because if you know the right officers, they're going to get you the right job. And so I had a job in a gym because I just wanted to work out when no one else would go."

Six week after she was freed, however, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested her. Per the BBC, she was taken to a county jail in New Jersey.

There are references to Sorokin overstaying her visa in Inventing Anna. One comes, for example, when Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky) speculates that Sorokin may have gone to rehab because it counted as residential care, which would have temporarily postponed her visa running out.

Per the BBC, the initial plan was for Sorokin to be deported back to Germany the day after her arrest, but at time of writing this hasn't happened yet. Despite this, her lawyer Todd Spodek (Arian Moayed in the series) told the outlet he believes she will eventually be deported.

Challenging Her Conviction

In an essay for Insider, Sorokin said: "My visa overstay was unintentional and largely out of my control...I did not break a single one of New York state's or ICE's parole rules. Despite all that, I've yet to be given a clear and fair path to compliance." She also notes that she is challenging her criminal conviction.

In January 2022, Sorokin was diagnosed with COVID while she was being held in the Orange Country Correctional Facility. She said of this: "I'm sure I'll live, but I haven't been this sick in years.

"The jail's response to a positive test is to just lock you up. It's convenient for them...The staff insists on using the words 'medical isolation,' even though there's nothing medical about it. One is simply being made to sit in a cell with a hole in the door."

Inventing Anna is streaming now on Netflix.

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The real Anna Sorokin vs. Julia Garner playing her in "Inventing Anna." The Netflix show ends with Sorokin going to prison – but the real-life story has moved on since then. Netflix