Funny iOS 15 Memes and Reactions That Sum Up People's Confusion

iOS 15 has launched, and iPhone users are taking to social media to share their confusion about some of the changes, as well as their general reactions to the update itself.

As was announced at this year's California Streaming event, iOS 15 became available to install for free on Apple devices from Monday, September 20.

The software update introduces several new features to the iPhone operating system. These include a new "Focus" app (that helps you filter what notifications you receive during work hours) and a "live text" function that enables you to copy words directly from photos and paste them elsewhere.

A number of improvements have also been made to the FaceTime app, which now benefits from spatial audio and a new portrait mode.

Consumers React to the iOS 15 Update

Since the iOS 15 update launched, iPhone owners have been sharing their thoughts online in meme form. With reactions that range from enthusiasm to disappointment and even plain old confusion, here are some of the best excerpts from social media.

@PJPWv2 confesses to being unable to tell the difference between the older iOS software and the latest update. Using the immortal "Confused Travolta" meme to express their feelings, they don't seem particularly enamoured with any of the new features.

Trying to see what’s different in #iOS15

— 🦠Dave🦠 (@PJPWv2) September 21, 2021

@mikz_ann is similarly confused, asking her followers what is supposed to have changed.

@mugisbf shared a clip from the '90s Spider-Man animated series, in which the webslinger reaches for a clone of his girlfriend, Mary Jane, before she evaporates into steam. Articulating the regret of losing the old operating system, the video is accompanied by a caption that reads: "i updated my phone to ios15 on accident".

i updated my phone to ios15 on accident…

— jude (@mugisbf) September 21, 2021

@fiihazmii uses an image of a fatigued Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants to articulate how it feels to discover that your phone cannot support iOS 15.

When your iphone can't support ios15

My reaction : 😩

— Fi (@fiihazmii) September 21, 2021

@kakagoat22 desperately wants to return to the older version of the operating system, after seeing the new iOS 15 notification design.

After seeing the new #iOS15 notification design 😑

— kaka (@kakagoat22) September 21, 2021

Equally nonplussed by the update, @happiestclub shares a screenshot from Toy Story 2 in which Andy discards an unwanted Woody while saying "I don't want to play with you anymore". Only here the cowboy doll has been replaced with an iPhone.

Just when we were getting used to 12Pro…Real question: How long will it take Disney to make these phone covers? #iOS15 #AppleEvent

— The Happiest Club on Earth (@happiestclub) September 21, 2021

@eath2ua is disappointed to see that the FaceTime screen share function is not present at the launch of iOS 15. On the other hand, @rekishair might be relieved to discover that the feature is not yet available, given that it seems to be causing them some trepidation.

my phone is about to update to ios 15 and im scared of the screen share thing

— venus ☆ (@rekishair) September 21, 2021

At the opposite end of the spectrum, @maxwendkos is impressed by the new 3D maps in iOS 15 and shares a collection of screenshots to illustrate his point.

3D maps in iOS 15 are ridiculously cool.

— Max Wendkos 🍿🍿🍿 (@maxwendkos) September 21, 2021

Meanwhile, @RichOnTheWeb is excited by the prospect of being able to more easily share memes on their iPhone.

@Alex00945723 remarks that their favourite new feature is the ability to copy text directly from a picture. @AttiqueJamro is equally impressed by this feature.

Amazing feature, You can copy text from any image. No matter how it is written #iOS15

— Attique Ur Rehman (@AttiqueJamro) September 21, 2021

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