'The Irregulars': Netflix Has Already Renewed The Show For Season 2

The Irregulars is currently the number one most-watched show on Netflix around the world, meaning there are fans around the world who are eagerly anticipating Season 2 of the Sherlock Holmes spin-off. There is good news for those fans, as it seems that Netflix has already renewed the show for more episodes.

In fact, it seems that The Irregulars Season 2 was ordered before the first set of episodes was even released. In early March, the show featured in an issue of Production Weekly, an industry magazine that lists when movies and TV shows are set to go into production.

Though Netflix has not officially renewed the show for Season 2 yet, the magazine listed The Irregulars Season 2 as filming in Liverpool in the U.K. this summer, with showrunner Tom Bidwell set to return.

Starting to film a season before it has been officially renewed has become a common practice on Netflix's biggest shows, as it allows them to shorten the gap between the release dates of the first and second seasons of shows.

the irregulars season 2
'The Irregulars' has already been ordered for Season 2. Netflix

Recently, for example, Bridgerton was also secretly renewed before its first season aired, months before it was officially given the go-ahead for Season 2 in late-January. Cobra Kai Season 4 was also renewed before Season 3 had made it to the streamer.

This early renewal for The Irregulars comes as part of heavy investment in the world of Sherlock Holmes on the part of Netflix. In 2020, the streamer had a hit on its hands with Enola Holmes, starring Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown as the young adult heroine sister of Sherlock.

In October, the streamer has also ordered Sherlock Junior, a young, modern day version of the character.

As The Irregulars Season 2 has not been officially ordered, not many details have been revealed about what viewers can expect. However, fans are starting to speculate who the big bad of the second season could be (spoilers for Season 1 ahead).

A Refinery29 piece about the ending of the first season, for example, speculates that next season could see the psychic son of the Linen Man (Clarke Peters) look for revenge after the death of his father. As the Linen Man's plan was to raise a generation of Ipsissimus children by making his son and Jessie (Darci Shaw) breed. He may be dead, but his son could return to resurrect the plan.

One Season 2 plot we do know about, however, is a potential love triangle. At the end of the season, Prince Leopold (Harrison Osterfield) announces that he has agreed to a royal marriage to save The Irregulars. However, his flirtation with Bea (Thaddea Graham) is unlikely to be over. However, as the real-life Prince Leopold died at the age of 30 as a result of his hemophilia, he may not be on the show for much longer.

The ending of The Irregulars also saw Sherlock (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) entering The Rip, meaning the show made the audacious move of killing off the master detective. However, in a supernatural show like The Irregulars, no one can be said to be truly dead, so we could see the character return when the show does.

The Irregulars is streaming now on Netflix.