Jeremy Renner Wanted Archery Scene Cut From 'Mayor of Kingstown' Due to Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner is set to star in Mayor of Kingstown, a new Paramount+ TV show from Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon.

The show, which begins airing weekly from Sunday, November 14, sees Renner portray power broker Mike McLusky who works to bring order and justice to a town rife with crime and corruption.

McLusky's preferred weapons to achieve this are his fists, but that's not the only item he also owns a bow and arrow and Episode 2 features a scene where he draws it when a bear comes near his cabin in the woods.

But the actor said in an interview with Newsweek ahead of the show's release that he never wanted the archery scene to feature in the show, because of how it would bring his Marvel hero Hawkeye to mind.

When asked if the scene was included intentionally, Renner exclaimed: "No! I tried to actually cut that from the show, I thought 'my god do you really want to do this?'

"'You really want to put me with a bow and arrow?' It might pull people out. But they wanted it in so I did it anyway. Yea, exactly, he wasn't thinking."

A complicated anti-hero

The Hurt Locker star went on to speak about what it was he liked about McLusky, saying co-creator Sheridan's writing and his character's complicated nature made him that much more interesting.

Of Sheridan, Renner praised: "The world that this character is in and he puts all his characters in, he creates really interesting worlds and his writing is fantastic.

"This character is an interesting anti-hero, but it's complicated, he's a complicated character. He comes from the basic principles that I admire.

"I admire the selflessness in a job and I love the decisions he makes and doesn't make, he's a complicated character in a complicated world and there couldn't be something more interesting for me to play than that."

On the show's important themes

Renner went on to speak about his character, admitting he wasn't based on a real person but he enjoyed getting to dig into a role that would help viewers understand serious issues like mass incarceration and systemic racism in the U.S.

"I'm not sure if any character like this exists in life, maybe he does maybe he doesn't," he said of McLusky.

Of the show's focus on topics like systemic racism, he went on: "The themes of these things I [can't] address... what I certainly like is the voicing of his character, which I can address, [and] how principled it is.

"It's selfless, he points out that 'you understand if you do this and you don't look both ways when you cross the street then you might get ran over', it's basic principles of stuff.

"And, he's just trying to see the bigger picture of it all and there's something admirable about that to me, that I really like about the guy.

"And accepting, when you talk about systemic racism and all those sorts of things, this guy is not a part of that process, he's more the guy that's more experienced [and has] an understanding of that, so it's great to have a lead character have a more personalised view on his own thing.

"He has a much wider scope or lens to look at those sort of things, and I think that's a great way for audiences to look in and have a greater understanding.

"First of all, this is what happens in prisons, this is not what people know in a real way. I find it was a wonderful blessing to be that voice for Taylor and to share that with audiences."

Mayor of Kingstown Season 1 is released every Sunday on Paramount+.

Mayor of Kingstown
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky and Kyle Chandler as Mitch McLusky in "Mayor of Kingstown" which premieres on Paramount+ on November 14. Emerson Miller/Paramount+