Jim Acosta's 'Stop the Squeal' Message to Republicans Goes Viral

Jim Acosta called on Republicans to "stop the squeal" with claims of stolen elections, noting Democrats didn't cry foul when Republican Glenn Youngkin won Virginia's race for governor.

A short clip of the CNN anchor telling Republicans to stop "whining" and being "sore losers" when their candidates lose amassed more than 100,000 views after it was shared on Twitter.

"Did you notice the peaceful transfer of power at the Capitol this past week?" Acosta began the segment on Sunday. "No, not in Washington, I'm talking about the Capitol 109 miles away in Richmond, Virginia."

He proceeded to play a clip of Youngkin praising the state's current governor, Democrat Ralph Northam, for his "willingness to be so helpful as we head towards this next stage in Virginia's future."

Acosta: Enough with this stop the steal nonsense. If you win, great. If you lose, move on. Please, no more whining. No more sore losers. No more lies. Just stop the squeal pic.twitter.com/XBrqWBUuo1

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"Now that's how it should be done," Acosta said. "They had lunch, they were polite, it all seemed very cordial."

But he added that "it makes you wonder how things would've gone" if Youngkin's opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, had won, partly due to "what was being said in the right-wing echo chamber just before the votes were being counted in Virginia."

Acosta noted that former President Donald Trump was telling supporters that "they must get out and vote because of the, quote, 'margin of fraud in Virginia.'" Steve Bannon, Acosta added, was warning his followers that Democrats would try to steal the election.

Fox News was "totally irresponsible" about the election, Acosta said before playing a clip of Newt Gingrich claiming Republicans couldn't "afford to have a really tight election" and "you have to win by a big enough margin that you can't steal it."

But Acosta noted that Youngkin won by 2.2 points in Virginia.

"It was not a blowout. It was fairly close, just under 70,000 votes. By the way, that's a smaller margin of victory than Joe Biden's win over Donald Trump," he said. "And we all saw what happened in January at the Capitol in Washington."

He went on to criticize Fox News host Tucker Carlson for suggesting "the fix was in" because of a delay by Fairfax County in reporting votes.

"Trying to figure out how many votes they need, apparently. Just kidding," Carlson said in a clip played during the segment.

"Tucker's always just kidding or asking questions," Acosta said. "If you adjust your tinfoil hat just right, he sounds very sincere. But the usual bad-faith actors on Fox were just amplifying the far more volatile rhetoric in other corners of right-wing media in the days leading up to the election."

He then played clips of conservative talk radio host John Fredericks "whipping up plenty of hysteria" about Democrats stealing Virginia's gubernatorial election.

Losing and Conceding

"But the Democrats didn't steal it in Virginia," Acosta noted. "They lost. And then they conceded."

"He didn't act like a sore loser. He didn't incite an insurrection," he added. "Youngkin, who appealed to Trump supporters by calling for election audits in Virginia before his victory, gladly accepted McAuliffe's concession. And now, the peaceful transfer of power in Richmond is well underway. There was no riot in Richmond, thank goodness, right? As a Virginia kid, I was pretty happy about that. But where would we be if Youngkin had lost? It's hard to say. Maybe it would've been just fine. We'll never know."

Acosta noted that McAuliffe had congratulated Youngkin on his victory, but over in New Jersey, Republican Jack Ciattarelli has yet to concede after Democratic governor Phil Murphy won reelection.

"Our democracy is in big trouble if only one of our two major political parties accepts the election results when they win," Acosta said.

"Our system of government, while far from perfect, worked pretty well last week, despite what happened back in January. Perhaps some in the MAGA movement and on Fox can now have a little more faith in their fellow Americans and in our democracy.

"There's been a lot of complaining about wokeness this past week. I've been more worried about repairing the brokenness of our republic. Enough with this 'stop the steal' nonsense. If you win, great. If you lose, move on. Please, no more whining. No more sore losers. No more lies. Just stop the squeal."

Jim Acosta in Washington DC
CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta in Washington, DC, on November 16, 2018. Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images