Jimmy Dore Boogaloo Boys Interview Sparks Outrage Among Critics: 'You're a Sucker'

Comedian turned controversial political commentator Jimmy Dore has been criticized after he featured a member of the far-right Boogaloo Bois on his podcast.

Dore promoted the largely uncritical interview with the militia member Magnus Panvidya by tweeting: "I interviewed a member of the Boogaloo Boys [sic], I was completely floored when he said he is: Pro LGBTQ, Pro Black Lives Matter, Anti Police Brutality, Anti Racism, Anti ICE, Anti War WTF?!?!"

During the episode, Dore opens the show by assuming that Panvidya "is genuine" when he expresses a number of liberal views and calls for unity with the Left despite being a member of an extremist movement.

"The question I always think about is how do we reach out to fellow working people like this?" Dore said. "How do we find common interests?"

Dore later admits that he is going to get "in big trouble for talking to this gentleman" before introducing Panvidya.

The Boogaloo Bois are a loose collective of far-right and anti-government individuals calling for a second civil war or preparing for the collapse of society.

Their supporters, recognizable for dressing in Hawaiian shirts, have been linked to a domestic terrorism plots, calls for violence and white supremacy.

They have been seen at a number of Black Lives Matter and anti-coronavirus lockdown protests across the country, more recently showing up at rallies supporting Donald Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud during the election.

During the interview, Panvidya claims that there are only a few "idiots" within the movement who are violent and blames social media removing Boogaloo Bois from their platforms for making it harder to track the neo-Nazis linked to the group.

Panvidya also discussed the group's hopes to have a "peaceful second revolution" which will result in the end of the two main political parties and influence of the so-called Big Tech.

After tweeting the interview, many people condemned Done for giving a platform to the Boogaloo Bois and for not scrutinizing Panvidya for his comments.

The interview was also aired just days after far-right extremists and militia members stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the government on January 6.

"Yeah. He was lying and you're a sucker. Good job," tweeted actor and screenwriter Geoffrey Thorne.

I interviewed a scorpion, I was completely floored when he said he is:

-Pro frog
-Pro not stinging me
-Pro just getting across the river
-Anti drowning


I am very stupid

— Eoin Higgins (@EoinHiggins_) January 25, 2021

"Jimmy Dore is not accidentally inviting boogaloo boys on his show because he doesn't get that they're Nazis," tweeted comic book author Noah Berlatsky. "He invites them on because they're Nazis. He dreams of a red brown anti establishment alliance.

Author Wajahat Ali added: "Well, good for Jimmy Dore. He found a profitable schtick for himself. Sucks for all the people who can't see through it. Also, Boogaloo Boys are violent far-right extremists whose members killed cops earlier this year."

Former Minnesota congressional candidate Johnny Akzam wrote: "Jimmy, come on. You interviewed one dude in the Boogaloo Boys. Who's he to say what the organization represents as a whole?

"Is he one of the top leaders, or someone who just calls himself that bc he couldn't find another identity to adhere to?

"Don't whitewash that entire org," Akzam added.

In the past, Dore has previously expressed doubt on what actually occurred during the 9/11 attacks, pushed conspiracy theories that Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC to WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign and wrongly suggested that Hillary Clinton had Parkinson's disease.

Dore has been contacted for further comment.

boogaloo bois,
Members of the "Boogaloo Bois," a loosely organized far-right extremist political movement whose adherents are said to seek a second American Civil War, carry their weapons near the state Capitol on January 18, 2021 in Richmond, Virginia. Jimmy Dore has been criticized after he featured a member of the far-right Boogaloo Bois on his podcast. Eze Amos/Getty