Johnny Depp Avoids Looking at Amber Heard As Actress Testifies in Trial

Amber Heard took the witness stand Wednesday to defend herself during the defamation lawsuit filed against her by ex-husband Johnny Depp, who appeared to avoid looking at her while she was on the stand.

The high-profile trial between the two actors is in its fourth week and Heard, who is being sued by Depp for $50 million in defamation damages over a 2018 essay she wrote for The Washington Post, began testifying on Wednesday.

During the first 10 minutes of testimony, Depp kept his head down. The actor first looked to be wearing sunglasses and kept his eyes on the table in front of him, avoiding watching Heard. As the testimony continued, he seemed to have taken his sunglasses off, but continued to avoid looking up.

Heard, who is counter-suing Depp for $100 million in damages, opened her testimony by saying that the last few weeks were "the most painful and difficult thing I've ever gone through."

"This is horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything," Heard said. "Hear people that I knew — some well, some not — my ex-husband with whom I shared a life, speak about our lives in the way that they have."

As her testimony continued, Heard was asked to recall the first time Depp allegedly hit her. "I will never forget it," she said. "It changed my life."

She said she asked him about a tattoo on his arm that looked like black marks. He told her it said "wino," and she laughed, believing he was joking. Depp then slapped her "across the face," she testified.

"I felt safe talking to my mom because I knew she understood those dynamics and she wouldn't judge me for staying with him, for loving him even though this was happening to me," Heard said.

People on social media took notice of Depp's behavior while Heard spoke and speculated about what it meant.

On Twitter, one user wrote, "Notice the shift in JDs behaviour. Head down. Drawing. Guarded. He's terrified of his abuser sitting feet away from him. Versus AH who did not look away from him once during his testimony."

However, another person thought that Depp's lack of eye contact hinted at guilt rather than fear, tweeting, "The way #JohnnyDepp is behaving is so rude and dismissive. Sitting there head down, doodling. If he was innocent he'd be head up, focused, listening to the testimony. Not his witness though is it? Questionable behavior."

If Depp was drawing, it would not be the first time during the last three weeks of the trial. At the end of April, Depp brought a sketchpad and a bag of gummy bears to the courtroom and was seen drawing during the hearing.

Update 5/4/22, 4:02 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with additional information and background.

Amber Heard took the witness stand on Wednesday to defend herself in a defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. In this photo, Heard looks over he shoulder during the $50 million Depp vs Heard defamation trial at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia,on April 14, 2022. SHAWN THEW/POOL/AFP via Getty Images