Kang Daniel Talks About His Health Issues in an Emotional Note to Fans Following K-Pop Star's Recent Hiatus

K-pop singer Kang Daniel said he will "get back up now" and is hoping to resume work activities, his management company confirmed after the singer shared an emotional letter with fans to address his recent hiatus.

The former member of K-pop group Wanna One opened up about his health in a handwritten letter addressed to his fans—collectively known as Danity—posted on his official fan forum where he apologized for "leaving without a proper goodnight," Allkpop reports.

"I should have at least said goodbye to our Danity, and I'm so sorry that instead, I am apologizing to you so late right now," he said. "For me, this winter has been especially cold. I needed to hibernate for a little while to overcome the cold.

"The warm stories you have sent me have brought spring to me, and I am trying to pick myself back up and greet the coming spring," he wrote.

He added that he could never thank his fans enough for "listening to my somewhat rough story, supporting me, waiting for me, and being with me."

"I will get back up now...though not every day can be happy, I believe that if I'm with you, there will be many more happy days," he added.

It has yet to be determined exactly when the singer will return to work but his management company Konnect was said to have confirmed "he wishes to begin resuming activities," Soompi reports.

Fans were concerned for the singer last year when he was reported to have posted a series of messages (including one where he pleads: "Someone. Please save me.") expressing "how everything is really too difficult" and "too much" and how tired he was of the backlash he claimed to be receiving, Allkpop reported.

"How. How can it be this hard? It's just been so difficult. Someone. Please save me.

"...How the music and performances that I love are being treated like trash, how the fans that I treasured are being ridiculed, how my family is getting cursed out instead of me, how it's suddenly become a crime to say that they like me, just everything is really too difficult. The fact that I am me is too difficult," he added.

Last month Konnect released a statement announcing the singer would be taking a break from his music career following "frequent health problems and anxiety."

The singer was reported to be receiving treatment in the form of psychotherapy and medication, according to the statement.

Kang Daniel is among a string of K-pop stars who have gone on temporary leave in recent months due to health concerns.

Joohoney from Monsta X also spoke about his struggles with mental health in a letter addressed to his fans following the announcement of his hiatus earlier this month.

Last month, Jeonghan from K-pop group Seventeen also announced he was taking a career break after he was advised to "minimize his schedules" following symptoms of dizziness.

Kang Daniel October 2019 Busan South Korea
Kang Daniel attends a photocall for 'CALVIN KLEIN JEANS' 50th Anniversary CK50 Pop-Up Store Open on October 5, 2019 in Busan, South Korea. Getty Images