Monsta X Member Joohoney Reveals Mental Health Struggles in Emotional Note to Fans Following K-Pop Star's Recent Hiatus

K-pop band Monsta X member Joohoney has opened up about his struggles with mental health in an emotional lengthy message addressed to fans this week following the recent announcement of his temporary break from work activities earlier this month.

The South Korean rapper, also known as Lee Joo-heon posted a note in Monsta X's official fan forum saying that he was "mentally very weak right now" and "digging for a hole" he can break through.

"To be honest, I deliberated a lot over whether or not I should write something. I am mentally very weak right now and in a difficult situation," he told Monsta X fans, who are collectively known as Monbebe (meaning "my baby" in French).

"I am personally in the middle of digging for a hole I can break through, and I am with my two hands together, in my room with the lights off, praying and crying.

"I want to return, but I am in the middle of trying hard to return under as a Jooheon who is more awesome to Monbebe by being in a better condition," he wrote in the message, Allkpop reports.

The songwriter noted he was taking medication, exercising and "doing various things that can help me heal," Soompi reports.

"I am reflecting on the things that I left behind while living my life until now, and I will work hard so that this time of reflection is not wasted...I will become the best Joohoney," he added.

"Everyone is living i[n] a world that is tough and not easy. This city is so dizzying...I will persevere through this dizzying world and return.

"Let's all pray for each other together. Everyone is going through a hard time and everyone hurts, right!

"If you wait for me and seek me out again, I will come back as someone deserving of the name 'cool Joohoney.' I love you, Monbebes," he wrote.

Joohoney's official hiatus was announced this month by the band's management company Starship Entertainment, following his visits to "multiple professional medical institutions for an accurate diagnosis, regarding anxiety symptoms," according to a statement by Starship.

He joins a string of other K-pop stars who have gone on temporary leave in recent months due to health issues, including Jeonghan from K-pop group Seventeen and solo artist Kang Daniel, former member of K-pop boy band Wanna One.

Monsta X fans have been kicking up a storm in recent months following the controversial exit of the band's former member Wonho, who announced his departure last October following allegations about his past, including the illegal use of marijuana. Heartbroken fans have been pleading for his reinstatement, claiming he was unfairly dismissed on "rumors without evidence."

Monsta X's forthcoming new album—All About Luv—is out next month on Valentine's Day (February 14).

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Monsta X perform live on stage during a concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on July 13, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Getty Images