Joohoney From Monsta X Takes Career Break As K-Pop Star Reveals Health Concerns

Joohoney, from K-pop boy band Monsta X, will be taking a break from work activities following symptoms of anxiety.

The South Korean rapper and songwriter has visited "multiple professional medical institutions for an accurate diagnosis, regarding anxiety symptoms," the band's management company, Starship Entertainment, said in a statement posted on the Twitter account of Monsta X.

"The results of the examination showed that due to anxiety symptoms, sufficient rest and stability are essential for him to make a full recovery. We have had a thorough discussion with Joohoney and the MONSTA X members and have decided to take continuous treatment and stability which focus on the restoration of Joohoney.

"We ask for the understanding of fans, as we have decided to suspend temporarily further activities to improve the artist's health condition," the company stated.

Last month Joohoney was reported to have missed a flight to the U.S. where they were scheduled to perform at the Jingle Bell concert series due to a severe headache and dizziness, The Korea Times reports. He was reported to have joined the band later after receiving medical treatment.

It is unclear when the artist, also known as Lee Joo-heon, will resume working but the company confirms his return "will be made based on his recovery and professional opinion which will be conducted through careful consultation with Joohoney and the members [of MONSTA X]," according to the statement.

"We promise to do our best to give him [Joohoney] all the support he [Joohoney] needs for his recovery. We will continue to do our best to maintain the health of the MONSTA X members," the company added.

Monsta X fans—collectively known as Monbebe (meaning "My baby" in French)—have been sharing messages of support and concern for Joohoney on social media following the announcement of his hiatus.

"This makes me so sad. We love you please take care of Yourself @OfficialMonstaX #JooheonBeHappyStayHappy #JOOHONEY #JoohoneyMakeFullRecovery #HealthComesFirstForMonstaX," wrote @TravelChimmy.

"Joohoney, please feel better soon. You are amazing, handsome, strong, and inspiring. Rest, eat, sleep, play. You can overcome anything, that is how awesome you are...@OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent," wrote @xxserene.

"JOOHONEY, my love. The amount of love and care your fellow members have for you is incredible. They have your back, sweet boy. Rest well, eat well, enjoy your cats and come back feeling rejuvenated and strong. MBB [Monbebe] love! @OfficialMonstaX," wrote @kaniners.

Monsta X fans have been causing a storm on social media in recent months following the controversial sudden exit of former member Wonho, who announced his departure from the band in October following several allegations made about his past before he joined Monsta X, including the illegal use of marijuana and owing money to South Korean actress Jung Da Eun, his former castmate on the Korean comedy show Ulzzang Shidae.

Wonho stated he was "apologetic for causing harm to the members due to the unfortunate issues related to me" and "reached this decision after seeing people having a hard time because of me," in a personal letter addressed to his fans.

Monsta X fans pleaded for the reinstatement of Wonho, with some claiming he was unfairly dismissed based on "rumors without evidence" and was "failed by the system."

MONSTA X fans send love to Joohoney after he takes a health break

— BROWNSUGA (@T3MP3STT) January 13, 2020

Joonhoney is the latest among a series of K-pop stars who have recently announced a career break following health concerns. Last month, singer Kang Daniel revealed he would be taking a break from work due to frequent health problems.

The former member of K-pop boy band Wanna One said he had been undergoing treatment with "psychotherapy and medication" but had also been experiencing "anxiety" while promoting his single "Touchin," according to a statement from his management company Konnect.

Concern for the singer grew after he was reported to have posted messages on a fan forum stating "How everything is really too difficult," and pleaded, "Someone. Please save me," Allkpop reported.

Jeonghan from K-pop boy band Seventeen also announced a temporary suspension of work activities last month after a visit to a hospital following symptoms of dizziness.

Back in November, the lead member of Seventeen—Choi Seung-chol (also known as S.Coups)—announced his hiatus following symptoms of anxiety after "undergoing a detailed examination and diagnosis," according to a statement by Pledis Entertainment, the band's management company.

Last month, Monsta X released two new songs including "Magnetic," a collaboration with Latin Grammy-nominated Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra, and "Middle of the Night," a track from the group's forthcoming album All About Luv, which will be released on Valentine's Day (February 14) 2020.

Monsta X Z100 Jingle Ball 2019 NYC
Monsta X performs onstage during iHeartRadio's Z100 Jingle Ball 2019 at Madison Square Garden on December 13, 2019 in New York City. Getty Images