Kellyanne Conway Says Trump's 'Get Out' Demand Applies to Anyone Criticizing America

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway has extended the instruction in Donald Trump's "go back" tweets, demanding any Democrats who "disrespect" the flag or refuse to denounce Antifa to "get out" of America.

Conway told Fox News Tuesday that Trump's "go back" demands toward the progressive House Democratic "Squad" is not limited to them, and instead is directed at any and all liberals who don't support the Trump administration's policies. She ridiculed this week's House debate to officially condemn the president's racist tweets directed at the congresswomen, saying Democrats failed to label Ilhan Omar as "anti-Semitic" over her March "all about the Benjamins" remarks.

Conway not only defended Trump's controversial weekend tweets, but extended the "get out" of the country demands to any of the president's critics.

"What the president is doing is, we are tired, sick and tired, of many people in this country, forget these four," Conway told America's Newsroom.

"The president has explained what he meant by those [tweets], the president has explained that if you don't like it here, get out," she continued. "By the way that goes way beyond these four people, that goes out to anybody who is tearing down the American flag and putting up the Mexican flag, that goes to everybody like one of those congresswomen who won't denounce antifa."

Conway said Democrats only make accusations of "racism, sexism, xenophobia and it's getting tired." She accused the news media of giving the four members of the "Squad" a pass and for going "gaga" at their Monday press conference.

"These four people in Congress on the so-called 'Squad' who have done squat in Congress other than pose on magazine covers and go on late-night comedy shows and cause trouble in their own caucus, were under fire by senior Democrats," Conway said. She noted that the four congresswomen's refusal to back the now-signed $4.6 billion border security funding bill means they have "no moral authority" to discuss the border, migrant children or the humanitarian crisis.

"They represent a dark underbelly in this country of people who are not respecting our troops, are not giving them the resources and respect that they deserve," Conway continued. "They voted against the military aid... we're the ones voting for the veteran and military in this White House. We're tired of people not kneeling for the flag out of disrespect. We're tired of some of these women palling around with terrorists!"

She then went after Omar and several of the congresswomen directly: "One of them is in pictures with the person who is responsible for the murder of three Israeli soldiers, where is the press? Stop falling down on the job, stop being so afraid of and adoring of four people who got here a few short months ago."

"Why the hell can't we condemn anti-Semitism, why can't we name Ilhan Omar? They're going to name President Trump today. It's politicized and a sham."

kellyanne conway fox news squad
Kellyanne Conway extended Trump's "go back" tweets, demanding any Democrats who "disrespect" the flag or refuse to denounce Antifa should "get out" of America. Screenshot: Fox News

Another Trump campaign staffer, Matt Wolking, issued a similarly broad and odd defense of the president's "go back" tweets Sunday. The Deputy Director of Communications for his 2020 campaign said Twitter was "lying" and that Trump never even said the words.