Laura Ingraham Mocks Joe Biden's Stutter at Town Hall: 'Going to Get Myself in Trouble'

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham mocked the way President Joe Biden spoke during his Town Hall on Wednesday, before telling viewers: "I'm going to get into trouble for this."

In a segment about the CNN event in Cincinnati, Ohio, she asked presenter Raymond Arroyo for his take on the president's performance.

Arroyo described how Biden "told old stories" and "trotted out a lot of those old campaign lines" before concluding that the president "made no news...but did leave an impression."

The network then showed a sequence edited to emphasize that Biden was giving hesitant and stumbling answers to a number of questions

After the montage, Arroyo said "this was a disaster" although his criticism focused on Biden's use of campaign slogans "that he had rehearsed over 48 years" and then "dumped them on Don Lemon," referring to the CNN anchor who hosted the event.

Laura Ingraham mocks Joe Biden's stutter

— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) July 22, 2021

But the host of The Ingraham Angle took a different tack, saying: "He did like to say a lot, 'seriously, I'm serious'" before mimicking a stutter. Arroyo interrupted, saying "these are little crutches, when he can't quite recall or he is having difficulties."

Ingraham kept speaking, stuttering on the word "look," before adding. "I'm going to get myself in trouble here, Raymond."

The pair then discussed the new Biden animatronic at Disney World's Magic Kingdom, which is set to reopen next month.

Ingraham started the segment talking about the similarities between Biden's performance at the Town Hall and his electronic version at the Hall of Presidents attraction.

Nikki McCann Ramirez from the watchdog Media Matters for America shared a clip on Twitter of the exchange, sparking a thread in which users criticized Ingraham.

David Limbaugh wrote: "Dear @FoxNewsPR_having @IngrahamAngle mock stuttering on @FoxNews is terrible on so many levels. I had an aunt that stuttered. I have friends that have a stutter."

Another user wrote: "It would be terrible if she were to be afflicted with a disabling stroke and left incapable of speech or movement. Might teach her a thing or two about overcoming adversity though." Newsweek has contacted Fox News for comment.

Biden has been open about having a stutter since childhood, telling a Town Hall last year: "It has nothing to do with your intellectual makeup."

Meanwhile on matters of policy, Biden told the Town Hall held at Mount St. Joseph University on Wednesday that getting rid of the Senate filibuster would "throw the entire Congress into chaos" and create gridlock.

He also outlined a timeline for when he expects the COVID vaccine to be offered to children under 12 and said the country needs to "get beyond" the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham
Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham is pictured in National Harbor, Maryland. She made fun of how President Joe Biden spoke at a CNN Town Hall on July 21, 2021. Alex Wong