'Lilo & Stitch' Fans Spot Detail in Disney Movie You Probably Never Noticed

Film buffs are only just spotting this subtle reference to another Disney film in the family favorite Lilo and Stitch.

The animation, released in 2002, is set in Hawaii and stars Lilo Pelekai and a blue alien named Experiment 626, who is renamed Stitch.

Lilo adopts Stitch to live with her and big sister Nani, who looks after her as their parents died in a car crash.

Stitch settles into life as their mischievous pet dog, attempting to evade recapture from the intergalactic federation.

Despite it being released nearly two decades ago, some Disney fans have only just noticed something in the original which links it to another cult classic—Mulan.

Eagle-eyed viewers spied a poster for the 1998 film on the wall, in the background of Nani's room.

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DazedNsuperConfused uploaded a post to Reddit on Sunday, as they shared an image from the film, clearly showing the poster in the background.

They said: "In Lilo & Stitch (2002) a movie poster for Mulan (1998) is seen in the background of Nani's room."

The detail has since been upvoted more than 10,000 times, as fellow Disney enthusiasts admitted they too had never spotted the "Easter egg."

It inspired others to promptly re-watch it to see for themselves, as they shared even more references to Mulan hidden in the film.

Baumbadil revealed: "Lilo and Stitch was dreamed up during the making of Mulan. While the team was discussing how to kill the villain, the future director of Lilo thought it morbid and decided to make a movie about a villain who changes and is not killed in the end."

Henryracing1500 thought: "My memory is really fuzzy but I think there was also a Chinese restaurant in their town named after either Mulan or mushu. Disney movies in general are a treasure trove of Easter eggs, probably why all us "grown ups" still love to watch them."

While Mountain_Dragonfly8 clarified the name of the eatery, writing: "Seeing this made me re-watch it. There's also a restaurant called "Mulan Wok" in the scene right after Stitch gets adopted (28:40)."

"So Disney movies exist inside this Disney movie. Cool," DrewdieDabs1 reckoned.

Sleepy_roo confessed: "I literally watched this movie tonight and noticed the poster for the first time."

While Freerangepenguin added: "Wait, Mulan came out 23 years ago?! Good grief. I feel old..."

The heart-warming tale, which centers around the Hawaiian concept of ohana, or family, was so popular it spawned a franchise with numerous films and TV shows later made.

Newsweek has reached out to DazedNsuperConfused for comment.

Disney's Lilo and Stitch movie poster
Disney's Lilo and Stitch movie poster, used for the cover of the later Big Wave Edition DVD release. A fan shared a snap to Reddit pointing a detail you probably missed. Disney

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