The Lincoln Project Surpasses GOP's Twitter Followers Less Than 2 Weeks Before Election

Anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project has surpassed the GOP's number of Twitter followers with just days left until Election Day as it continues to pile pressure on the Republican incumbent.

Tweeting on Wednesday, The Lincoln Project commented on having surpassed the official GOP's account by two followers.

Sharing screengrabs of live follower counts, the group wrote: "We're not a party.

"We're a movement."

Looking at figures from analytics platform Social Blade, which The Lincoln Project highlighted, at time of writing The Lincoln Project's Twitter account has close to 3,000 more followers than the GOP.

The Lincoln Project has 2,544,699 while the GOP account has 2,541,997.

According to Social Blade, The Lincoln Project gained around 280,000 followers in the last 30 days. The GOP, in contrast, gained roughly 41,000 in the same time period.

Newsweek has contacted The Lincoln Project and the Republican National Committee for comment on the Twitter follower numbers.

We’re not a party.

We’re a movement.

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 21, 2020

The Lincoln Project, made up largely of Republicans who do not want to see another Donald Trump term in the White House, has long criticized the president and has vowed to keep up attacks against him as the election looms.

It has frequently used Twitter to hit out at Trump, a platform the president himself has utilized throughout his presidency to target his rivals.

In a recent video, the group created a musical remix on some of the president's comments downplaying the coronavirus.

As well as targeting the president, lawmakers seen as allies to Trump have also been taken on by the group.

A major focus of The Lincoln Project of late has been the president's actions amid the COVID-19 crisis, having told him he has been "too late" to learn amid the pandemic.

Amid calls for attacks to be tone down from all sides, the group has insisted it will continue its sharp focus on the president.

"We must continue to show the nation who Donald Trump really is and the horrors he has inflicted on this country for the last four years," Fred Wellman, senior advisor for veterans affairs at The Lincoln Project, previously told Newsweek.

"The high road won't work when your opponent is digging a massive hole right through the middle of the mountain underneath you."

While the group continues to critique Trump, the president has previously reacted to its ads.

Earlier this year he branded those involved "losers" in retaliation to an attack ad against him.

anti trump sign
A truck with a sign reading, 'Pro-America Anti-Trump', is seen at a caravan for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden event on October 11, 2020 in Miami Springs, Florida. Anti-Trump movements have continued throughout the U.S. in the run up to the election, with The Lincoln Project one of the most prominent. Joe Raedle/Getty Images