Lindsey Graham Accuses House Democrats of 'Political Revenge' Over Mueller Report: They're on a 'Witch Make Something Out of Nothing'

Senator Lindsey Graham has accused House Democrats of enacting "political revenge" in their multiple ongoing investigations into President Donald Trump, insisting that the Mueller report is the "final word" on the Russia investigation.

Attorney General William Barr is scheduled to appear this week in front of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to give testimony on special counsel Robert Mueller's 448-page final report.

The House Judiciary Committee wants Barr to take questions from its staff lawyers as well as lawmakers. The attorney general,. however, has refused to do so, saying he would only take questions from members of Congress, and would otherwise not show up

Chairman Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat, said Barr would be subpoenaed if he refused to appear before the House committee, and that it was its right to decide on the format of questioning.

"I can understand [Barr's] concern," Graham, a South Carolina Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Fox News on Monday evening.

"What the House is doing is way over the top. Mueller is the final word on this. I fought like hell to make sure Mueller could do his job without interference. I introduced legislation so that he couldn't be fired without cause.

"And I told everybody in the country, if the president colluded with the Russians, that would be horrible and terrible, but I don't believe he did. And Mueller said he didn't. This is over.

"This is political revenge, the House is on a witch hunt, truly a witch hunt, to try to make something out of nothing. Mueller said to Barr, 'I can't decide about obstruction of justice and since there's no underlying crime it'd be hard to prove intent.'

"The president did nothing to impede Mueller. And if the House pursues this, it's because they've gone crazy when it comes to Trump."

Mueller's report did not find that President Trump or his campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 election. But Mueller did lay out evidence that Trump had attempted to obstruct justice by seeking to disrupt the investigation.

The special counsel did not prosecute Trump, following the Justice Department's guidance that a sitting president cannot be indicted. However, he suggested that Congress could take action, and said his report did not exonerate the president.

Among the array of evidence uncovered by Mueller was that Trump had tried multiple times to fire the special counsel. But his orders, including to former White House counsel Don McGahn, were never carried out.

"The President's efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests," the report stated.

Moreover, Mueller's report details the Trump campaign's attempts to withhold and conceal evidence from the special counsel's investigation.

"The investigation did not always yield admissible information or testimony, or a complete picture of the activities undertaken by subjects of the investigation," Mueller wrote, meaning his investigators could "not rule out the possibility that the unavailable information would shed additional light."

Barr received Mueller's report on March 22. Barr then released to Congress a four-page summary of Mueller's main conclusions. When Barr released a redacted version of Mueller's report publicly on April 18, Democrats accused him of misrepresenting it in his summary.

House Judiciary Chairman Nadler subpoenaed the Justice Department for the full, unredacted version of the Mueller report, giving a May 1 deadline.

Lindsey Graham Mueller report
Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, listens at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on April 10, in Washington, D.C. He has accused House Democrats of enacting has accused House Democrats of enacting “political revenge” on President Donald Trump Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images