'Loki' Release Time: When the Marvel Show Is Coming to Disney+

Loki has been been one of the most hotly anticipated shows since Disney+ launched. Tom Hiddleston will return as the god of mischief alongside a big-name cast that includes Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Richard E. Grant in a time-twisting heist drama.

Loki is the third Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series after WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Of these, it is the show with the most links to the MCU timeline, with the series set after Avengers: Endgame but featuring a Loki from much earlier in the story. If that all sounds intriguing, then this is when you will be able to watch the show where you are.

Loki release time around the world on Disney+

tom hiddleston in loki
Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki to Disney+ on June 9. Disney+

In all but two territories, Loki Episode 1 will be released on Wednesday, June 9. The only exceptions are Hawaii and Alaska, which due to their time zone will get the episode on the evening of June 8.

Episodes come out at midnight Pacific Daylight Time. When they will be streaming on Disney+ depends on your time difference from the west coast of the United States (though Marvel fans can scroll down for a guide to when the show will be released in each country that has Disney+).

The series will have six episodes, which are set to be released every Wednesday from June 9 until July 14. Here's when viewers will be able to watch those episode on that day every week:

  • Argentina: 4 a.m. ART
  • Australia: 3 p.m. AWST / 3:45 p.m. ACWST / 4:30 p.m. ACST / 5 p.m. AEST / 5:30 p.m. ACDT
  • Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland: 9:00 a.m. CET
  • Brazil: 5 a.m. BST / 6 a.m. FNT / 4 a.m. AMT / 3 a.m. ACT
  • Canada: 12 a.m. (midnight) PDT / MST / 1 a.m. MDT / CST / 2 a.m. CDT / EST / 3 a.m. EDT / AST / 4 a.m. ADT / 4:30 a.m. NDT
  • Chile: 1 a.m. EAST / 3 a.m. CLT / 4 a.m. CLST
  • Colombia: 2 a.m. COT
  • Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua: 1 a.m. CT
  • Ecuador: 2 a.m. ECT / 1 a.m. GALT
  • Finland: 10 a.m. EEST
  • Greenland: 4 a.m. ADT / 5 a.m. WGST / 7 a.m. EGST / GMT
  • Iceland: 7 a.m. GMT
  • India: 12:30 p.m. IST
  • Indonesia: 2 p.m. WIB / 3 p.m. WITA / 4 p.m. WIT
  • Ireland: 8 a.m. IST
  • Japan: 4 p.m. JST
  • Mauritius: 11 a.m. MUT
  • Mexico: 12 a.m. (midnight) PDT / MST / 1 a.m. MDT / 2 a.m. CDT / EST
  • New Zealand: 7 p.m. NZST / 7:45 p.m. CHAST
  • Panama: 2 a.m. EST
  • Paraguay: 3 a.m. PYT
  • Peru: 2 a.m. PET
  • Puerto Rico: 3 a.m. AST
  • United Kingdom 8 a.m. BST
  • U.S.: 9 p.m. Tuesdays HST / 10 p.m. Tuesdays HDT / 11 p.m. Tuesdays AKDT / 12 a.m. (midnight) PDT / MST / 1 a.m. MDT / 2 a.m. CDT / 3 a.m. EDT
  • Uruguay: 4 a.m. UYT
  • Venezuela: 3 a.m. VET

The official synopsis for the show reads: "Picking up immediately after Loki steals the Tesseract (again), he finds himself called before the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space, forced to answer for his crimes against the timeline and given a choice: face deletion from reality or assist in catching an even greater threat."