Makayla Noble Update As Paralyzed Cheerleader Relearns How to Sit up, Brush Her Teeth

Makayla Noble, the high-school cheerleader who is in rehab after a freak accident, is relearning how to perform simple actions such as brushing her teeth.

The 17-year-old from Prosper, Texas, was left paralyzed from the chest down and unable to move her hands after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while tumbling in a backyard on September 20.

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics that involves acrobatic maneuvers, such as flips, jumps and twists.

After the accident, Noble was hospitalized at Medical City Plano, but she later moved to a rehab facility where she is undergoing physical, occupational and speech therapy.

In an update posted to the Facebook group Makayla's Fight on Tuesday, Noble's family said the teenager had relearned how to brush her teeth and wash her face with the help of an occupational therapist.

The family added that she was working with a physical therapist on sitting up and balance.

She has also been undergoing speech therapy to help with her speaking and respiratory strength. During her time in hospital, Noble experienced lung problems and was fitted with a tracheostomy tube.

"Mak had another great day! Look at all these amazing Therapists in her life helping her learn and progress," the family wrote in the update.

The family also announced some big news: "We found out Mak will get to be home before Thanksgiving! She is very excited to be home for the Holidays!"

Despite Noble's recent progress, the family also said she had been struggling with nausea.

They added that they hope the tracheostomy tube can be removed by the end of the week.

Since the accident, Noble and her family have received an outpouring of support from their local community and people all over the world.

The Makayla's Fight group, where regular updates about the teen's condition are shared, has more than 44,000 members. A GoFundMe page set up by a family friend to help with her medical expenses has raised close to $180,000.

"Thank you Mak's Warriors, we appreciate all your love, support and prayers," the family wrote in the Facebook update.

In another update posted on Monday, the family said Noble had had an "amazing day" and her spirits were high after completing her first full day of physical therapy. She also passed a swallow test and was allowed to eat real food again.

On Saturday, the teen revealed via a video message that she could feel her legs again for the first time since the accident.

Texas teen cheerleader Makayla Noble
Texas cheerleader Makayla Noble, who was left paralyzed following a freak tumbling accident. Cedarbook Media