Makayla Noble Update As Paralyzed Texas Cheerleader Taken Off Ventilator

Makaykla Noble, the Texas teen who was left paralyzed after suffering a freak tumbling accident, has been taken off a ventilator, according to an update posted by her family.

The 16-year-old Prosper resident was placed on the medical device last week after experiencing issues with her lungs.

Noble was hospitalized in Plano, Texas after suffering a severe spinal cord injury on September 20 while practicing a form of gymnastics known as tumbling, which involves acrobatic maneuvers.

The injury left her paralyzed from the chest down and with no movement in her hands, Tiffany Smith, a family friend of the Noble's, previously told Newsweek.

Doctors told her that she would most likely not be able to walk again, according to Smith.

During her stay at the hospital, Noble began experiencing lung problems and she received treatment for pneumonia—a condition characterized by inflammation of the tissue in one or both lungs.

The persistent lung problems have delayed Noble's transition to a rehabilitation facility.

On Sunday, the family posted an update on Facebook providing the latest information about the injured teen's condition.

"Prayer Praise! We were able to take Makayla off of the ventilator today and we're very grateful for that. We even got a little smile from her today! In order to move to the rehab facility, we really need for her lungs to remain strong and for her to start eating again," said the family in the Facebook post.

"If things go well, she could be moved by the end of the week. The nurses and staff have been really amazing here, but Makayla is ready to move on to the next phase and start working towards her recovery."

The family posted another update on Saturday saying that her lungs appeared to be improving but that doctors wanted to keep her on the ventilator for another day.

"She had a great day with minimal support settings on her ventilator and we are hopeful tomorrow is the day," Saturday's update said. "After a lot of anxiety this morning, Mak gave us her sweet smile again this afternoon and it did a lot for this mama's heart. Her nurse too."

A GoFundMe page set up by Smith to help the family with the teen's medical expenses has now raised more than $147,000.

"The response from our local community here in North Texas and the cheer community around the world has been incredible. There are so many friends, family, and total strangers offering to support the Noble family in their time of need. It's somewhat of a helpless feeling for all of us to see Makayla in this place, but we can pray and we can give financially," Smith told Newsweek.

Makayla Noble
Texas cheerleader Makayla Noble, 16, suffered a spinal cord injury while tumbling in a backyard. Cedarbook Media