Man Buys Green Morph Suit to Hilariously Crash His Fiancé's Zoom Meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an explosion in home working, with employees across the globe setting up shop on their kitchen table.

Interviews, meetings and conferences all moved into the digital sphere, with Zoom emerging as one of the go-to programs to facilitate communication.

For those who share their living space with their spouses, kids or partners, navigating work-home life was yet another obstacle during office hours.

Crying children and dodgy background items have all been par the course, but one man came up with an original way to move about in his house undetected - or so he thought.

He shared a clip to TikTok under the name TailoredBits, revealing he bought a very unusual outfit - a green morph suit - to try make himself invisible to the camera.

He explains in the video: "I bought this green morph suit so I'd stop showing up in the back of my fiancé's Zoom meetings."

He dresses in the hilarious attire, which mimics the properties of a green screen, seeing him nearly disappear into the background.

As he walks past the shot, carrying a mug, his body appears as a green blur, with his face partially visible.

His fiancé is mid-meeting on the screen, as she says: "And once you submit that form we'll be able to get that request in a few days, so you'll reach out to that team."

She continues the conversation without faltering, but you can see her eyes flick to the corner of her screen as she presumably notices him glide past.

The clip, which has been proudly captioned "flawless execution", has been watched more than 23 million times on the social media site after being uploaded yesterday.

Even the official Zoom TikTok account responded to the hilarious video, saying: "Buying this brb."

While the official WikiHow page also commented, saying: "Omg the look away."

Fellow TikTok user Starry wrote: "I can't even begin to imagine what the people in that Zoom meeting thought."

Joe Momma joked: "So much less distracting. That's hilarious."

And this person was inspired by the idea, as nivenhm said: "I'm gonna do this for your meetings."

Rose B admitted: "It gets funnier each time I watch."

Franklin pointed out: "The way she kept her composure makes me think she's used to this sort of thing."

While FreeFolkKnits suggested: "Should've bought your fiancé a green curtain so you could walk behind it and show no movement."

Woman on video call with colleagues
Stock photo of a female employee speaking on video call with colleagues. A man decided to buy a green morph suit to try and camouflage himself in his fiancé's Zoom meetings. Getty iStock/nensuria