Man Confronts Bikini-Clad Girls at the Beach Saying Kids Shouldn't See 'Pornography'

A man confronted a group of bikini-clad girls at the beach over their bathing-suits, claiming young children shouldn't have to look at "pornography."

Mia and eight other friends headed down to the water in Fort Collins, Colorado, when they were approached by a man, later identified as Logan Dorn.

Mia filmed the encounter and uploaded it to her TikTok account @ggarbagefairy, on Tuesday, where it's already amassed more than a million views, and has since been shared to Reddit.

The 18-year-old captures Dorn confronting the women over their outfits, saying: "Why do you dress this way?" before labeling their bikinis: "That's a thong and that's a bra."

Speaking off-camera in the clip, which can be seen here, one of the girls defends their attire, saying: "I'm at the beach in my bathing suit."

Dorn, who's standing with a little girl and a woman who didn't join in the conversation, continues talking to the women, saying "you're flaunting your stuff," and "you look around and you're the only thing that sticks out because your whole body is showing."

He attempts to justify his comments by adding: "Here's the thing there's free will in America, there's freedom of speech."

During the interaction there's a chorus of "please go away," "why are you looking at me. Close your eyes," "I'm not flaunting anything, don't look at me," "please go," and "get the f*** away," from the group of women.

Dorn continues, adding "take young eyes into consideration they don't need to see pornography," before uttering: "If men of God don't stand up then our society's going to go down the drain because there's no morality."

The women tell him they're atheist, but he replies: "If you're an atheist doesn't mean you have to show your body off, you can still put clothes on...

"I'm speaking truth. Your body will never ever satisfy. The physical never ever satisfies. There's a longing in each of your hearts to actually be seen.

"The reason why you're showing your body is because you're like 'am I pretty enough'... Next time you come to a beach and there's young eyes take that into consideration."

The women continue telling Dorn to leave, as they tell him he's "embarrassing" and question whether he will be speaking to men in bathing suits as well, to which he replies "that's a lot different."

A second clip shared by Mia, also uploaded on Tuesday, captures the end of the conversation. He claims their outfits "aren't bathing suits," and they ask Dorn what he considers a bathing suit, to which he replies a one-piece, or "something modest," he says referring to a woman in a high-waisted polka-dot bikini.

"There's going to come a day when you come face to face with God," he tells the group. In response, the women tell Dorn to "gouge his eyes out," referencing Matthew 18:9 in the Bible.

At the end of a second video the woman in the halterneck polka-dot bikini woman, who appears to be with Dorn's party, approaches the women as well. She says: "It does matter what you guys wear not because of what he said but because you need to value yourself, if you're valuing yourself that's the important thing."

In a follow-up clip Mia shared a snap of the entire group's outfits, saying: "None of them are thong style bikinis, which even if they were it would not matter. They were really normal bikinis... there were lots of people wearing the same stuff, it was a public beach."

In response to the original video blowing up, Dorn shared a clip to his own TikTok page, @loganvandorn, addressing the controversy. He captioned the video, which can be seen here, as "my side of the story of a video going viral about me."

He explains he was at the beach with family members of "all different ages," including young children. Dorn claims someone in his party said their group had to move as there were "college-age women here that are showing too much."

He says in that moment: "I just had a righteous anger come over me and also just emboldened by the Holy Spirit to go and to confront these ladies and to speak truth, that hey what you're wearing is not okay for a 9-year-old boy or a 6-year-old boy."

Dorn said in that moment a "righteous anger to defend and protect young eyes came over me."

After being called out, he stood by his comments, adding: "I'm not going to apologize, I'm just going to say I'm going to continue to stand on the truth and I'm going to continue to stand on the word of God... Our society is on such a downcline of morality, pornography and lust is at an all-time high..."

Dorn added he was determined to "continue to speak truth and be bold no matter the consequences." His video, shared on Wednesday, has been seen more than 10,000 times, but people have still criticized his approach.

"They're at the beach, what," asked Rat ting.

Boo Yah pointed out: "'There is free will in America' so do you understand that she can wear whatever she wants at a beach."

Rigatoni Cullen commented; "He's upset that people are wearing bathing suits... at the beach?"

Ina Restrepo added: "Ugh you're at the beach... why can't people mind their own business."

Although Johanna Patlan said: "He has the right to his opinion as does everyone else."

Newsweek reached out to Dorn and Mia for comment.

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