Internet Stunned as Man Finds Proof His Wife's Cheating on Her Phone—'Run'

A husband and father has been left reeling after uncovering proof his partner of six years has been having multiple affairs.

In a post shared to Reddit's 'Today I F**ked Up' subreddit, the man detailed how the discovery came about after he went to put his sleeping wife's phone on silent mode after it went off in the middle of the night.

During that process he came upon a suspicious message which led to even more messages, and then further revelations about his wife's infidelity.

According to the post, it all started when his partner came home late after a night out with "work friends." Once back at their apartment he said his wife was soon fast asleep. He had stayed up to see her but was dozing off himself "when her phone loudly goes off."

"Seeing no reaction from her, and knowing her notification will go off at least one more time unless it is dealt with, I reach over and grab it to flip the silent mode button," he wrote. "And here's where s*** gets f***** up."

Glancing at the screen he discovered the text came from "a guy" and read "goodnight darling." Eager to investigate, the man decided to go on a "deep dive" into her phone activity.

He soon regretted it.

Not only did he discover that his wife had had sex with one of his "now former friends" but she was also involved in "an emotional affair" with a friend from college who is also married and who she had seen earlier than night.

And it got worse.

He also found she had "an impressively active tinder profile" and had, earlier that evening, "briefly considered hitching a ride with a stranger to Colorado."

"The texts, snaps and DMs took about an hour to get through," he said.

Left "quiet, nauseous and internally raging," at the time of writing the man had yet to confront his wife over the messages given that their "kids are asleep."

Upvoted over 32,000 times on Reddit, people on social media have been quick to offer advice and support to the understandably stunned husband.

Levipalli wrote: "I'm so sorry. Start looking into counseling for yourself and a lawyer... and hang in there ok? Lean on your friends." Sno_boarder, meanwhile, warned: "Do not leave or move out yet until you talked to a lawyer. In some states it's considered abandonment and you will have to fight harder to get custody of the kids."

Jerseygirl1105 agreed: "Exactly. DO NOT LEAVE. I don't know your children's ages or the childcare situation, but I left my husband and it held up in court that I abandoned him and the home. Until you speak to an attorney, don't make a move."

Many users like hardwiremaguire, struggled to get past the shock that the husband must likely be feeling in the wake of his discovery. "I already know all this but I imagine in this situation I'd just cry and run," they wrote.

Cwfs1007 commented: "I really thought this was gonna be ... 'I turned my wife's phone on silent and she missed her alarm for an important event in the morning.' This is so much worse. I'm sorry you have to go through this."

Elsewhere, users such as SilverSorceress urged the man to stay calm: "Absolutely don't let on to anything. Contact a lawyer, preferably one that specializes in divorce with paternal rights, get the ball rolling, get your ducks in a row, and serve her."

Another user, posting as ThatNights, meanwhile offered up the most depressing bit of advice on the entire thread, writing: "Get a paternity test for kids."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Though it is often assumed that men cheat more than women, some experts say the opposite may actually be true. Couples therapist and author Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. recently suggested women may be cheating more than men—it's just they aren't getting caught as much.

"We don't know if more men or more women are caught cheating, on average. But it would make sense that women are better at hiding their affairs," Nelson told Fatherly. "Traditionally, women have faced harsher punishment for cheating. They have lost their financial support, risked the loss of their children, and in some countries even risked the loss of their lives."

However, for the most part, many of the recent stories involving infidelity which have been shared to social media have centered on unfaithful men rather than women.

In August 2021, a woman caught her boyfriend cheating after spotting four telltale signs in a photo he posted online.

Back in April of that year, another cheat was uncovered after restaurant staff informed his partner with the revelation subsequently going viral on TikTok.

A man looking upset on his phone.
Stock image of a man looking upset while looking through a phone - a husband got more than he bargained for after uncovering proof of his wife's infidelity. AntonioGuillem/Getty