Man Messes up Hanging Wallpaper After Mismatching the Pattern in Epic DIY Fail

A man documented his epic DIY fail online after hanging up patterned wallpaper, only to later realize he completely messed up the design.

Zubair Ahmed was transforming a room with peach-colored walls, opting for a bold navy shade with a silver geometric pattern.

But it was only after he completed most of the walls that he realized he hadn't matched up the pattern correctly, leaving random circles in between each roll.

He shared a clip to TikTok on Saturday, pointing out his mistake. Ahmed took two rolls and showed off how he'd hung them, before shifting the paper up to reveal how it should really look.

"So I messed up big time. Someone is not getting paid this week," he captioned the video, viewed more than 4 million times.

The roll is called the Debona Crystal Trellis Geometric Glitter Metallic Wallpaper in blue silver, costing around $17 per roll, which is 11 yards long, from website I Want Wallpaper.

"This luxury wallpaper from Debona features Geometric Trellis theme running throughout the paper," said the site. The listing also explains how to match up the pattern, explaining the design works on a 16cm repetition, and it should be "offset match."

After spotting his error, Ahmed uploaded a further two videos as he lamented on his work, saying: "I'm fired." And he seemingly tried to cover his tracks, after sharing the final video in the trilogy, on Monday, saying: "The work is done." It shows the entire room covered in wallpaper, but the pattern still doesn't match up in a few places.

He added numerous hashtags to the trio of videos, in an unknown location, saying "messed up," "ruined," "gone wrong," although people pointed out the pattern was the least of his worries.

It appears Ahmed, who suggested he was being paid for the work, had left gaps along the ceiling, while there were spaces in between some rolls—where he'd later added thin strips to hide the original wall color.

People reckoned it was an amateur job, but Ahmed's not alone in his mistake, after it emerged dozens of people had made the same mistake with the tricky pattern.

Matti Laska commented: "The gaps at the top though."

I'mnot21 thought: "Good god! Torture by wallpaper pattern."

"This hurts my eyes," Melani Laneteigne reckoned.

Danastyles_ox admitted: "My partner did this with the exact same wallpaper, it came down."

"Omg my partner did the same, he had to redo a wall," Vicky Dempsey commented.

Francesca Eccleston revealed: "I done this with the same paper in gold. Luckily just with the last piece."

While Anjum Shaikh wrote: "Ahaha I have that wallpaper and my decorator put the second piece wrong, good job I came down and saw and told him."

DIY fan Chloe Bincham added: "No way! We have this wallpaper and just checked, we have done ours the same."

And Stacey asked: "Am I the only one who actually put this paper up correctly?"

Others simply branded it "terrible," "horrible" and "atrocious."

Newsweek reached out to Ahmed for comment.

Product shot of the geometric wallpaper pattern.
Product shot of the geometric wallpaper pattern from I Want Wallpaper. A man shared an epic DIY fail online after mismatching a design. I want Wallpaper

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