Man Invites More Than 60 Hinge Matches to Memorial Day BBQ: 'Legendary'

For most people, Memorial Day is a time to honor those lost in wartime. For a small minority though, it's a chance to invite all of your Tinder matches to a barbeque at once.

User dhm2293 caused a stir on Reddit's r/Tinder sub after asking all of his dating app matches if they wanted to come to his Memorial Day barbeque—at least 60 women.

Since being shared on Thursday, the post has received 54,000 upvotes and over 3,300 comments from users wanting to know more.

DeepEggs said: "Gonna need an update on this one."

Broserdooder1981 commented: "Set up a live stream please ... i will cancel my weekend for this."

SmittenKitten_1 agreed, writing: "I'm also going to motion for a livestream of this event. You'll end up on Kimmel when the video goes viral!"

Dhm2293 told Newsweek ahead of the event that his goal for the party was just to "have fun and survive."

He said: "They're actually Hinge matches. I decided to invite all of them because I had a ton of 'dead' conversations so I figured by sending out a mass invite I could see what I could salvage from them.

"Most didn't reply, but I was able to reignite some of them. Also, I thought it would be funny, interesting, and entertaining.

"With regards to the event, I have a bunch of single male friends, so I figured getting single people in one place together with fun activities would be a good opportunity for everyone."

Many users placed bets on how the situation would play out.

Canadatrasher1 expects a: "Sad video of OP grilling 50+ burgers all by himself...."

While Present-Background-6 said: "One way or another.. your meat will end up on someone's grill! Legendary."

Salex100 joked: "This memorial day we will memorialize how this guy killed his dating prospects all at once."

To which dhm2293 replied: "I'd be perfectly happy to grill with my dudes and play smash bros."

Fortunately, the Redditor was well prepared for the event, and stocked up on food and booze.

He said: "Besides the dating app matches, my friends and my sister and her boyfriend are invited.

"I'm estimating about 30 people will show up, but as of Monday morning, a bunch of my dating app matches are still 'maybes.'"

Tinder is still the leading dating app in the United States, as well as parts of Europe, accounting for 27.6 percent of downloads. The second-most popular app is Bumble, making up 18 percent of downloads between August 2021 and February 2022. However, Badoo is the most-downloaded dating app worldwide, with 105.37 million visits in April 2022 alone. Although not as popular as other apps, Hinge still has 20 million users, making up 15 percent of the dating app market in the USA.

In an update, dhm2293 said that two out of the 60 possible matches attended the party. However, one other match was interested in going for coffee.

He said: "Three told me they were working, two told me that they were out of town. Two told me that they moved to the East Coast.

"Six indicated that they maybe or probably were going to come, and then didn't. Six said either no, that it was too far, that they missed my message until it was too late, or they had other plans."

Dhm2293 isn't the only one to try a bold and experimental approach to dating online. Cassidy Davis went viral on Valentine's Day after hosting a party for her group of girlfriends—the only rule? Bring a random person you matched with on a dating app. Despite describing the event as "the most chaotic party idea ever," Cassidy says she has "no regrets."

Man Invites Every Tinder Match to BBQ
Reddit user dhm2293's Hinge matches. Redditors were desperate to know more about what happened at user dhm2293's Memorial Day barbeque, to which he invited 60+ women he met online. u/dhm2293

Update 6/1/22, 06:41 a.m. ET. This article was updated to include additional information and comments from dhm2293.