Man Makes DIY Coke Zero at Home Using Acid and Coriander: 'potions'

A Coca-Cola fan attempted to recreate Coke Zero's secret formula completely from scratch in a viral video, using just the "flavor profile" to decide on his recipe.

TikTok user whathowtry, whose first name is Laurence, is a budding chef and regularly attempts to recreate popular food and drink items, including Nutella and Mentos, at home. This time, after getting a number of requests for the drink, he attempted to decipher the recipe of Coke Zero.

Coke tweaked the recipe of Coke Zero last year, but many fans of the drink didn't even notice. In his video, Laurence claimed to get pretty close to the new recipe all by himself.

He began by placing the zest of an orange, lemon and lime into a glass, which he dubbed a "testing tube."

Then, he added a vanilla pod, a whole nutmeg, coriander seeds, juniper berries, lime leaves, cinnamon sticks and lemongrass. Next, he added hot water and let it steep for a few minutes before adding it to a pan and boiling.

Laurence added dilute phosphoric acid which he said: "gives the flavor like the citric acid and is the biggest difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero."

Finally, sweeteners acesulfame k and aspartame were added along with coloring to give it the classic brown cola shade. "I'm always blown away by how similar these recipes taste," he summarizes after trying it out.

Laurence's surprising ingredient list induced jokes from viewers, comparing the recipe to "making potions as a child."

The real recipe for Coca-Cola is one of the world's best-kept secrets, with the company claiming it hasn't been revealed in the years since it was first made.

It's been reported that just two Coke executives know the recipe and neither are allowed to travel on the same plane, in case the plane goes down leaving the recipe unknown to the company and the world. This claim is unverified, though.

Despite various claims over the years of the recipe being revealed, including one allegedly found in Coca-Cola creator John Pemberton's diary, the brand remains adamant that no one really knows it.

It might not be exact, but Laurence feels his recipe is strikingly similar to the real deal. This isn't the first time Laurence's recipes have gained attention online.

As reported by Newsweek last year, the creator split opinions online after making a pizza entirely of pineapple, including the base and toppings.

Newsweek has reached out to Laurence and Coca-Cola for comment.

Glass of Coke
A TikToker has posted a video where he claims to recreate the recipe for Coke Zero. Stock image of a glass of Coke. Getty Images