Man Praised for Refusing To Fund Sister's IVF Over Not Liking Her Husband

A man has been unexpectedly praised online for refusing to help fund his sister's IVF treatment after inheriting a significant sum of money.

But while initial appearances suggested he was being unfair in denying his sibling a chance at getting pregnant, once he divulged some of the details around his sister's new husband, those following the thread sided firmly with him on the matter.

There's no getting away from the fact that IVF is a daunting option for those couples struggling to conceive, not least due to the hefty price tag associated with it.

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According to the fertility information website FertilityIQ, the cost of a single cycle of IVF is an average of $23,474 in the U.S. with prices varying depending on the state you reside in and services included.

It's also worth remembering that, for many, several cycles can be required, which only pushes the price tag even further. Given the costs associated, it's hardly surprising some of those exploring IVF might turn to relatives for financial support.

But, in the case of one man and his sister, such support was not forthcoming, for reasons the newly-wealthy sibling detailed in a Reddit post shared under the handle TAAccount2808.

Writing in the post, which has been upvoted 7,800 times, the man explained that a year ago he inherited "a large amount of money" which he decided to split with his family.

However, the situation was a little different when it came to his other sister Meg. He said after she found out about the windfall, she was "super happy" and began discussing her plans to use the money to pay for her IVF with her new husband Liam.

At that point, her brother said he "hesitated."

It soon became apparent why. According to the post, Meg was previously married to Josh, Liam's best friend. But, while Meg was married to Josh, she was secretly having an affair with Liam that lasted "over 4 years until Josh found out" and ended the marriage.

"I'm still best friends with Josh and I can tell you what they did with him caused years of therapy to get him to start thinking about dating someone," he wrote. "I don't talk to Liam 99 percent of the time."

Now, he says, Liam and Meg have been together for five years but said he didn't attend their wedding and has refused to support their relationship. The only thing stopping him from severing contact was the fact she has a son, his nephew, with Josh.

So, when she laid out her IVF plans, he told her he "didn't feel comfortable giving her the money for this as it involves Liam" and would take "double care" that the money was not spent on that.

The pair soon began arguing and he said he decided to set the money aside for his nephew in a trust fund he will be able to access when he's 18.

His sister, meanwhile, has accused him of being "cruel" and treating her differently "because of the past."

Redditor Reactions

But while she appeared eager to move on, most on social media felt her sibling was right to make her pay for her previous actions.

Wickerbastket99 made their feelings abundantly clear in a response that earned over 16,000 upvotes, writing: "It's your inheritance money, you get to choose what to do with it. I think setting up a fund for your nephew is a brilliant idea. If she wants another kid so bad, she can go cheat on Liam."

But while their assessment was brutal, most agreed with the basics: he could do what he liked with the money. "The money is yours," Sea-Confection-2627 said, "Meg doesn't have any say in what you do with the money. If she really wants another child, she could try adoption."

IVF treatment
Woman taking hormonal therapy injection into her belly. A man online was praised for not paying for his sister's IVF treatment because of his dislike for her husband. Suzi Media Production/Getty Images

Snoo-7492 concurred: "Given the history I think it's warranted. It's your money—you don't have to give it to anybody...The fact that you are giving it to her son is more than generous."

Disastrous_Impact_25 added: "This is a great time to show her that actions have consequences. Honestly she's lucky you're not meaner because if it was me I would have used some of the money to do something extra nice for Josh."

Imthatguysammy acknowledged that while the brother was "helping everyone but her" it was important to note that "everyone but her hasn't cheated on your best friend and caused him great amounts of pain and ripped their family apart."

"I wouldn't give her a single cent," they concluded.

Newsweek reached out to u/TAAccount2808 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

It's not the first time an IVF treatment has caused a riff in families.

Last month, a man was bashed for telling his wife she had to pay for the IVF treatments "since it's her problem."

One woman's sister-in-law was bashed for not being more sensitive after seemingly bragging about not having to do IVF to conceive.

In June, one woman was praised for starting her own business instead of bankrolling her sister's IVF.

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