Man's 'Neapolitan Ice Cream' Tan Lines Horrify Internet: 'Gasped'

From Ross Geller's infamous spray tan fail in Friends, to this mom's foot-shaped self-tanning mishap, bronzed skin doesn't always come easily.

At least with a spray tan, you only have to worry about the results for a week or so. Real tan fails are much harder to fix, as one delivery driver and his "Neapolitan ice cream" tan lines showed.

User yojamietho shared a clip of his tan lines on TikTok, and the color discrepancy caused a surprising amount of uproar. The UPS driver pulled down one of his socks to reveal the unbelievably pale skin hidden under his uniform, which attracted 1.4 million likes and nearly 16,000 comments from stunned users.

Tiit Marvel wrote: "you're brighter than my future."

Christina commented: "The way I GASPED...."

While Jess joked: "bruh who forgot to season you."

Tylor James said: "That's not a tan line... that's a tan border." To which user Ahmedo agreed, writing: "The border between Mexico and the USA."

There were also a number of more macabre comparisons, with Blaxxkstar suggesting: "That line is between the living and the dead."

David Ivancik849 commented: "nah bro i am convinced that you sawn a foot from some [corpse] and stitched it to yours."

Attitudes to tanning have changed throughout history. In ancient times, pale skin was a sign of wealth and status, with everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks using powders to lighten their skin. Tans were associated with field workers and the lower classes, who spent more time outside.

Perceptions started to change in 1923, when Coco Chanel returned from a vacation in Cannes with sun-kissed skin. Now, everyone from celebrities to influencers can be seen sporting a perma-tan, but the trend has unfortunately led to a rise in skin cancer.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the diagnosis of nonmelanoma skin cancer rose by 77 percent in the U.S. between 1994 and 2014, while the American Cancer Society estimates more than 99,000 people across the country will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer (the more deadly form) in 2022.

The sun just can't be avoided in some careers, but you can protect yourself from its rays by wearing sunscreen, even in cloudy weather.

TikTokers thanked yojamietho for helping them to feel better about their own tan lines.

Indi commented: "bro I thought mine were bad."

Henlyy said: "worse than me."

Pudding added: "That'"

Newsweek has reached out to yojamietho for comment.

'Neapolitan Ice Cream' Tan Lines Horrify Internet
Stock picture of a man with tanned legs and pale feet. One TikToker's tan lines were compared to everything from a "corpse" to a "tan border." nathan4847/iStock/Getty Images Plus