Sen. Marco Rubio Says 'Most Influential Republican' Donald Trump Is 2024 Frontrunner

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has said Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP's 2024 presidential nomination and he will not challenge the former president if he runs.

Rubio spoke to Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly Reports on Wednesday about the 2024 race and called Trump "the most popular and most influential Republican in America."

Trump and Rubio famously clashed during the 2016 GOP primaries, with the New York real estate magnate dubbing the Florida senator "Lil' Marco." However, Rubio became an ally of Trump's following his election victory.

"If he decides to run for the president and the nomination, he's going to be the party's nominee," Rubio said.

"That's the way I see it.

"He hasn't made that decision. It's still a long way down the road, but if Donald Trump decides to run in 2024 again, he's going to be the Republican nominee, and I think almost everyone that I've talked to would agree with that."

The two-term senator also discussed Trump's recent decision to endorse him in 2022. Rubio has said he will seek a third term next year and touted his association with the former president.

"We worked very well together with the Trump White House and the president," Rubio told Newsmax TV.

"We did a lot of positive things together, a very productive time and a very good working relationship.

"And, plus, this is one of the things we don't pick up on: This is an extra-special endorsement because he's a resident and voter in Florida.

"So, I don't just need his endorsement, I need his vote and the votes of all his family who are also moving to Florida."

Trump announced his "Complete and Total Endorsement" of Rubio on messaging platform Telegram on April 9.

"Marco has been a tireless advocate for the people of Florida, fighting to cut taxes, supporting our Second Amendment, our Military and our Vets, a strong national defense, and all of the forgotten men and women of America," Trump wrote.

"Marco worked with me to reform the VA and help our small businesses grow, and with his help, we achieved the lowest ever unemployment for women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and almost all Americans."

Trump is widely seen as the candidate to beat for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, should he want another shot at the White House. Six in 10 Republicans want him to run again, according to Ipsos/Reuters polling.

Senator Marco Rubio Speaking Before Donald Trump
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks ahead of President Donald Trump announcing policy changes he is making toward Cuba at the Manuel Artime Theater in the Little Havana neighborhood on June 16, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Rubio has said Trump remains the Republican frontrunner for 2024. Joe Raedle/Getty Images