Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Capitol Riot Footage, Questions Treatment of Accused

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has demanded the release of all surveillance footage from the U.S. Capitol on day of the deadly January 6 riot and information about the conditions in which those arrested are being held.

Greene wrote to FBI Director Chris Wray and Yogananda D. Pittman, acting chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, on June 24 with a list of demands—including information about the officer who shot and killed rioter Ashli Babbitt.

The letter was also carbon copied to Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Michael Carvajal, director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It was published on conservative website American Greatness on Friday.

"The American people deserve answers about January 6th, Ashli Babbitt's death, and the treatment of the accused in Deplorable Jail," Greene wrote on Twitter, sharing the article from American Greatness.

"It is abundantly clear that there is a two-track justice system in the United States," Greene's letter began.

Greene highlighted instances where more than 90 percent of charges were dropped against "rioters and looters," that she linked with Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

In some cities such as Dallas and Philadelphia the overwhelming majority of charges arising from protests over the death of George Floyd—over 90 percent - were dropped, according to The Guardian newspaper.

"Meanwhile, the accused protesters are being abused behind bars and denied their constitutional rights," Greene wrote, of those arrested following January 6.

"There is substantial evidence that the accused of January 6 face inhumane detention conditions," Greene added, citing Democrats who have previously criticized the conditions for those arrested as a result of the Capitol riot, including Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Greene's lengthy letter details claims about those conditions and contains footnotes citing a variety of news outlets, including Politico, The Daily Mail, Fox News and American Greatness itself.

"If reports surrounding the treatment of these prisoners are true, it is an enormous stain on the credibility of our justice system and a blow to the rule of law in the United States," Greene said.

The American people deserve answers about January 6th, Ashli Babbitt’s death, and the treatment of the accused in Deplorable Jail.

Read my letter to the FBI, USCP, DC Mayor, and Federal Bureau of Prisons

— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) June 25, 2021

In her list of demands, Greene asked for the release of "the entirety of the video footage from the US Capitol Complex on January 6, 2021" and the name of the U.S. Capitol police officer who shot Babbitt.

The unnamed officer was cleared of wrongdoing by the Justice Department in April, according to NPR.

Greene also asked: "What federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies were involved in the planning and execution of the events of January 6?" and whether any federal agents were "participants or attendants" at former President Donald Trump's speech at the Ellipse or at "events at the Capitol."

This appears to be a reference to unsubstantiated claims that the FBI was involved in organizing the riot—a claim made by Fox News' personality Tucker Carlson.

Greene also asked for information about the conditions of detention for the Capitol riot accused, including what daily meals they are receiving and their ability to contact family and attorneys.

Newsweek has contacted Greene's office, the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police for comment.

Rep. Green Speaks at a News Conference
U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks at a news conference after visiting the Holocaust Museum, outside the U.S. Capitol on June 14, 2021. Greene has demanded the release of all surveillance footage from the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Drew Angerer/Getty Images