Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses Altered Photo of Robert Crimo to Push Theory

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a series of tweets Tuesday, including an image that's believed to be altered, to question the "dark" history of Robert Crimo, who is suspected of killing six people and injuring at least 38 more in Highland Park, Illinois.

Crimo had posted a series of disturbing videos on the internet, and his online profiles were removed following the July 4 shooting. Greene criticized that move, arguing the best way to prevent a mass shooting is to understand the "dark and destructive path" that a suspect takes in life.

Greene used the series of tweets to call into question Crimo's mental state and his potential use of drugs. She also posted a photo that showed Crimo holding a Bible in what appeared to be a jail cell.

"Is he in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center in this photo? That's not his bedroom," Greene wrote. "22 yrs old and 5'11 and 120 lbs is not normal or healthy. What drugs or psychiatric drugs or both does he use?"

Greene demanded that a plethora of Crimo's "records" be made public, mentioning school, arrests, medical and recreational drugs and hospitalizations. She later acknowledged the photo appeared to be altered, but she doubled down on her push for his records to be released, saying it is "more reasons" to release them.

She also referenced psychiatric records for the suspect, who also went by "Awake the Rapper" and posted videos online with morbid content—including one animated video posted on YouTube in 2021 that showed a school shooter terrorizing students before being shot and killed by police, eventually laying in a pool of his own blood.

"The guy made rap videos about school shootings or being killed in a hale [sic] of bullets by police and was 'known to the police,'" Greene tweeted. "The public deserves to know why!"

WGN reported that Crimo's father unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Highland Park in 2019 and that the alleged shooter was "known to law enforcement."

MGT Tweets about Robert Crimo
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a series of tweets on Tuesday about alleged Highland Park, Illinois, mass shooter Robert Crimo, including an altered image and demands for his records to be released to the public. Above, Greene is pictured at a primary election watch party on May 24 in Rome, Georgia. Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Another tweet suggested Crimo "did not just wake up one day, buy guns, and decide to do a mass shooting into a July 4th parade."

"He has a history, a very dark one, and people deserve to know about it," she added. "There is documentation of what's wrong with him. This is true about all of them that do this."

The Daily Beast reported that Crimo was also the administrator of a Discord channel named "SS." One Discord post included a picture of R. Budd Dwyer, formerly Pennsylvania's state treasurer who fatally shot himself during a news conference in 1987.

Greene criticized the move to take down his accounts, posting on Twitter, "They always delete everything about these shooters off of any searchable database and hide the truth about these young men."

Greene went on to say that "evil will find a way" no matter how many gun control laws are passed or how many guns are part of American society. On June 23, the Senate passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act in wake of the Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting, though critics say the first major gun bill in nearly three decades does not go far enough in regard to semiautomatic military-style rifles.

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"Until we are willing to rip open the ugly truth about the dark and destructive path these young men are on that lead them to mass shootings, then they will continue," Greene added.

When asked for comment, Nick Dyer, a spokesperson for Greene, reiterated to Newsweek that the alleged shooter's online profiles had been taken down.