Mark Hamill Compares Biden to Luke Skywalker: 'The Force is Strong With Joe'

Mark Hamill, a fervent Democrat, has likened Joe Biden to his iconic Star Wars' character Luke Skywalker in a light-hearted meme.

The legendary actor shared a photo of the Democratic nominee's likeness in place of his own from the original sci-fi film franchise.

Complete with helmet and goggles, Biden is seated in the Jedi's place inside an X-wing fighter from the movies.

The comparison comes after Hamill responded to a tweet posted by author Malcolm Nance about a Politico article titled: "How Biden destroyed Trump's TV ad 'death star.'"

The piece explores how the Biden campaign is spending nearly $400,000 for three TV spots during the Arizona Cardinals versus Dallas Cowboys on Monday night.

Hamill tweeted: "Your wish is my command @MalcolmNance, and thanks for fighting the good fight! #TheForceIsSTRONGWithJoe."

Your wish is my command @MalcolmNance, and thanks for fighting the good fight! #TheForceIsSTRONGWithJoe

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) October 18, 2020

Trump's reelection campaign has long been likened to the Death Star. Back in May, advisor to the Republican's bid, Brad Parscale, tweeted that the Trump re-election campaign had constructed a "Death Star."

The Death Star in Star Wars is of course the fictional space station capable of destroying planets with a huge laser.

"I didn't give our campaign the name, Death Star, the media did," Parscale wrote. "However, I am happy to use the analogy. The fact is, we haven't used it yet. Laugh all you want, we will take the win!"

For nearly three years we have been building a juggernaut campaign (Death Star). It is firing on all cylinders. Data, Digital, TV, Political, Surrogates, Coalitions, etc.

In a few days we start pressing FIRE for the first time.

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) May 7, 2020

It seems if the Trump ad campaign is to be likened to a giant planet exploding weapon, then Hamill wants to see Biden compared to the Jedi who famously destroys it.

Many Twitter users have responded with Star Wars puns (Joe-Bi Wan Kenobi?) and gifs of the Death Star exploding.

Hamill has been an increasingly vocal anti-Trump advocate on Twitter in the lead up to election day on November 3.

The 69-year-old teamed up with Biden back in June for an online fundraiser dubbed a "Virtual Conversation About Hope And Democracy."

Following Trump's televised Town Hall event last week, Hamill called Trump "unhinged" and "conspiracy-minded," writing: "She says watching @JoeBiden feels like she's watching Mr. Rogers* as if being intelligent, thoughtful, decent & inclusive is a BAD thing. I like presidents who aren't unhinged, conspiracy-minded, white-nationalist fans. *misspells his name, of course."

Star Wars Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
American actor Mark Hamill on the set of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope written, directed and produced by Georges Lucas. Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

He also condemned Mitch McConnell for "gleefully" laughing when questioned about the government's COVID response in a debate with Democratic challenger Amy McGrath last week, calling the politician "pure evil."

"McConnell's gleeful laugh when McGrath talks about his failures on COVID is... what pure evil looks like. #Chilling," Hamill tweeted.

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