30 Hilarious Met Gala Memes and Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up This Year's Event

Each year, the biggest names in Hollywood descend on New York's Met Museum steps to flaunt their fashion-forward looks in the name of charity.

Over the years we've witnessed just about everything - from Rihanna's iconic papal get-up, to Kim Kardashian's nude corset dress and Jared Leto carrying a papier-mâché model of his own head.

That's not forgetting Rihanna's omelette dress and the classic of Jason Derulo 'falling down the stairs.'

But as well as serving some serious looks, the annual Met Gala in New York provides many a meme-worthy moment.

This year's event was no different, with RiRi once again providing some great meme-able moments with her boyfriend ASAP Rocky, while Kim Petras arrived with a horse's head on her chest. Yes, you read that right.

As well as that, Frank Ocean arrived with his very own green-faced baby, while Kim Kardashian was, once again, wearing a pretty spectacular look.

In fact, Kardashian's outfit even led to some memes about her potential inspirations, from franchises like Harry Potter and Alien.

Here are 30 of the funniest reactions to 2021's event.

Grimes' Met Gala 2021 look was very...cutting edge

Grimes serving Chromatica at the Met gala pic.twitter.com/BVa4crItJx

— gaga updates ♡ (@thegagasource_) September 13, 2021

thinking abt how Grimes pulled out in met gala with a damn sword #MetGala pic.twitter.com/lS1hBAkpgj

— 𝙖𝙡 (@vexedove) September 13, 2021

A horse girl homage from Kim Petras

glad to see some horse girl representation at this met gala #MetGala pic.twitter.com/4RCWvE78Zn

— nat ♡ (@evermorres) September 13, 2021

Okay, so, hear me out, I want to go to the Met Gala as a horse. Yeah, a horse. pic.twitter.com/ceEUqPpRpf

— Rogue Harley (@_Embo) September 14, 2021

Me when I saw the horse head dress #MetGala pic.twitter.com/hHdm2ubppQ

— s 🦕 (@tohveaheartbeat) September 14, 2021

Kim's look caused quite the stir

Kim Kardashian serving American Horror Story Realness #MetGala pic.twitter.com/g8tfGejdKY

— Favv (@YaFav_003) September 13, 2021

The shadow of Kim Kardashian showing up at the Met Gala#MetGala #MetGala2021 pic.twitter.com/WISZL10aMr

— XRealm Bishop (@CreamOrScream) September 14, 2021

And some were reminded of famous characters

Kim Kardashian heading to the Met Gala be like pic.twitter.com/JH3FjoMRuM

— Jay (@jaydblast) September 14, 2021

Kim Kardashian arriving #MetGala pic.twitter.com/6iNU40vLpf

— RJ (@Dumbledore_BB) September 14, 2021

No joke...

wait addison rae was actually invited it wasn’t a joke? 😭 #MetGala pic.twitter.com/n3aZ3bktN8

— andrew (@ariantaes) September 13, 2021

Me seeing addison rae #MetGala pic.twitter.com/bfpnhdF4l2

— ꨁsourcandyꨁ (@isourcandyy) September 13, 2021

Addison Rae calling a 2003 dress vintage hurt me more than I care to admit. 🥲 #MetGala pic.twitter.com/20S2aNpcJX

— Verena Cote (@verenaxcote) September 13, 2021

Lil Nas X Brings the Drama!

Lil Nas X said I'm going to serve you not one, not two, but THREE outfit reveals with some cake for dessert #MetGala pic.twitter.com/3Ww3ckbQ0G

— Sam Stryker (@sbstryker) September 13, 2021

lil nas x: hey gaga can i copy your homework?

lady gaga: sure just don’t make it too obvious #MetGala pic.twitter.com/asiQUOGnpd

— Tomás 🇵🇸 #FREEPALESTINE (@ogbieboy) September 13, 2021

We have no choice but to stan J-Lo

I’m sorry but JLO knew the assignment and served #MetGala pic.twitter.com/cCFeu9kzvK

— LALISA LOCKDOWN (@LALICELINE) September 13, 2021

I can ALWAYS trust JLo pic.twitter.com/YlPNhHBKJQ

— Liv Marks (@OliviaLilyMarks) September 14, 2021

We'll just leave this here...

justin bieber saying ily to hailey during the met is cute as hell #MetGala pic.twitter.com/xe3e1UJdt1

— kai (@naturalpov) September 14, 2021

Billie Monroe wows the crowd

billie eilish is a real disney princess pic.twitter.com/qZtqT8Y7bU

— jasmisn’t (@onadeadpIanet) September 13, 2021

all eyes on billie eilish, same pic.twitter.com/q73taJGBcY

— nadia (@piratebairdxa) September 13, 2021

AOC was not messing around with her outfit

aoc wearing the words tax the rich on her dress? simply iconic #MetGala pic.twitter.com/utsxXBXEIl

— ilana kaplan (@lanikaps) September 13, 2021

aoc turned up to the met and said EAT THE RICH 🍽 #MetGala #MetGala2021 pic.twitter.com/9iysM5ysby

— VALERIJA (@VRavinska) September 13, 2021

Nor was Cara Delevingne, for that matter

Cara Delevingne really said that #MetGala pic.twitter.com/nowVDM9XF5

— ali | expat era (@angstybrit) September 14, 2021

ASAP Rocky brought his blanket

ok but why does asap rocky look like captain crunch 😭 #MetGala pic.twitter.com/sRHLHYag6w

— welcome to clown town (@dykedotorg) September 14, 2021

it’s like rihanna and asap rocky planned to go as a bedding set up like he’s the quilt and she’s the comforter and they’re trying to portray how america “sleeps on” black art and artists or maybe im just tired and reading too far into it lol #MetGala pic.twitter.com/l0vmrJ6dHj

— tumi (@sxgarhighstyles) September 14, 2021

Asap Rocky looks like he was dragged out of bed to come to the #MetGala pic.twitter.com/kKCFErq1Eu

— NLE MINAJ (@NleMinaj) September 14, 2021

As is tradition, some Jason Derulo Memes...

I know the internet poisoned my brain because I literally can’t look at the met gala steps without thinking about jason derulo

— Kat Tenbarge (@kattenbarge) September 13, 2021

jason derulo has already fallen down the steps at the #MetGala pic.twitter.com/BVsYbJvhQ0

— selena’s defense attorney | AALIYAH IS COMING (@CAPTlVEHEART) September 13, 2021

1 minute in and jason derulo has fallen down the stairs at the 2021 #MetGala ! #MetGala2021 pic.twitter.com/e2vtYqEsi7

— Ateez’s DejaVu Out Now! (@yunhospov) September 13, 2021

Finally, Nia Dennis followed in his footsteps

Nia Dennis has actually fallen down the stairs of the Met Gala (on purpose) pic.twitter.com/7UpwJO0xAW

— Alex Zalben (@azalben) September 13, 2021

Nia Dennis has fallen down the stairs at the Met Gala! #metgala #metgala2021 pic.twitter.com/Bm8F3d3tGb

— aaliyah (@foreverwintcr) September 13, 2021

Some other major meme-worthy moments included Jeremy O. Harris wearing an Aaliyah-inspired opera jacket, and Timothee Chalamet opting for more casual attire in dressed-up sweatpants.

Others tried to channel the Statue of Liberty, with Emily Blunt, Amanda Gorman and Hamish Bowles all sporting tiaras of varying styles.

While these people tried hard to nail the theme, that was not the case for everyone. It won't be the first time some of the Met Gala attendees failed to grasp the assignment, which some of these memes can attest to.

met gala 2021 memes
Here are the best memes and reactions to the 2021 Met Gala Getty

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