Michael Bloomberg Lists Every Single School Shooting That's Happened Since Trump Took Office in Viral Video

Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has released a campaign video listing all the school shootings that have occurred since President Donald Trump took office as one of the reasons "we need to beat him in 2020."

The billionaire former New York mayor, who has already pledged tens of millions of dollars for gun reform campaigning as a citizen, criticized the president for his failure to protect children by not imposing stricter firearm legislation and for "siding" with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The campaign video begins with Trump ensuring that his administration is "doing a lot on gun safety." The clip then goes onto to list the names of 263 schools where a shooting has occurred in the U.S. since Trump came into office.

The list starts with the shooting at West Liberty-Salem High School in January 2017 which left one student injured. It ends with a shooting Waukesha South High School in Wisconsin where a student was shot by police after bringing a gun to school on December 2, 2019.

The video asks in a caption: "Donald Trump says he wants gun safety, so why has he consistently sided with the NRA? So why did the NRA spend $30 million to elect him? So why do 21 kids get shot in America every day?"

The clip has been viewed more than one million times on social media.

"21 students are shot every day-because of Trump's unwillingness to act," Bloomberg tweeted alongside the video. "Between protecting the NRA and our children, he's made his choice. Which is why we need to beat him."

The video was also shared by Shannon Watts, founder of the Moms Demand Action gun control advocacy group which was set up in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.

In 2014, Moms Demand Action joined up with fellow gun reform organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns to form Everytown for Gun Safety, which Bloomberg founded and pledged $50 million towards.

Bloomberg, who announced his intention to run in the already crowded Democratic field in November, has championed gun control and addressing climate change as two of his main policies.

Among some of Bloomberg's pledges include ensuring complete background checks on anyone wishing to purchase a gun, banning people convicted of domestic abuse from possessing guns and reinstating the federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

21 students are shot every day—because of Trump’s unwillingness to act. Between protecting the NRA and our children, he's made his choice. Which is why we need to beat him. pic.twitter.com/qUXTKxXWow

— Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) December 16, 2019

Bloomberg released the video involving Trump two days after the seventh anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting in which 26 people were killed, including 20 children.

"In 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School community suffered an unthinkable tragedy-and seven years later, the federal government has still not responded, even as more schools and public places have become the sites of shootings," Bloomberg said in a statement.

"Today we renew our commitment to honoring the victims of Sandy Hook and all Americans who have experienced the devastation of gun violence by fighting to save others from the same fate.

"Every day that America's kids feel unsafe in their schools and neighborhoods, we're failing them. I've made ending the gun violence epidemic a big part of my life's work. We've made some progress in states around the country - but national change requires national leadership in Washington."

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 204 children under the age of 11 and a further 746 aged between 12 and 17 have been killed by firearms in the U.S. this year alone.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Michael Bloomberg
Former New York Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg speaks about his plan for clean energy during a campaign event at the Blackwall Hitch restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, on December 13, 2019. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty

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