Mom Shares Dumpster-Diving Haul of Goodies Worth $491 CVS Was Chucking Out

A mom has shared the incredible haul of goodies worth nearly $500 she found while dumpster diving.

A woman, who calls herself Jennifer, regularly shares videos showing off the "treasure" she finds that is being thrown away.

The 37-year-old posts clips to TikTok, as she hits up stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Five Below, CVS Pharmacy and Michael's.

In one of her most lucrative dives, she said: "Really big CVS score with tons of make up and goodies! I'll post the haul in a second video.

"Before you watch guess how much waste was in one CVS bag? You'll never believe how much gets thrown away."

The clip, shared in April, saw her list the cost of each item and she worked out there was $491 worth of goodies.

The haul included glasses, soap and food, while a thermometer and weather forecaster cost $45 each alone, and 13 bottles of foundation costing a whopping $182.


Before you watch guess how much waste was in one cvs bag? You’ll never believe how much gets thrown away. #dumpsterdiving

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But it was her latest video which proved a hit with followers, amassing 1.5 million views since being uploaded on Wednesday.

"Duuuuudddee. I never come to this bed bath and beyond anymore and today it paid off!" she said.

Jennifer found a fake plant, saying: "I'm just going to get a new pot for this bad boy. Look it broke, so they threw the whole thing out. Just put it in a new pot."

While the exact plant, which the tag says is a "faux cycas potted greenery" wasn't found on the website, a similar cycas plant costs $44.99.

As she continued to go through the dumpster, she said there was "tons of stuff" as she debated getting inside. In total she found a vase, a laundry hamper and even a shower curtain.

Commenting on the video, Lyndsee Coleman joked: "Oh so this is the beyond section."

Msj_loves wrote: "Girl you should have kept going you know there was more hidden gems."

"I work at a mall and it's frustrating to throw away nice things just because they are "defect" or "out of season.""

Kal thought: "People get so mad at others for doing this but all you're doing is reducing the landfill waste? How can you be mad at that?"

Jennifer's haul

Braun thermometer $45
Weather forecaster $45
Soft soap $1
Zarbees $8
CeraVe $22
Allerlife $40
Readers $20
Lipstick $30
13 foundations $182
6 pressed powders $60
Ghirardelli chocolate $6
Whitman's box $12
Misc foods $20
Total waste: $491

Other videos show Jennifer diving at Five Below, where she found goggles, a doggy bowl, a jade roller, whiteboard markers and buckets she promised to donate.

"Went to the good party city dumpster today! Check out all my goodies," she captioned another video, adding: "This is my favorite party city dumpster, because they throw away so much stuff."

In it she found a blue wig, batteries, slap bracelets, paper plates and birthday bags.

Another clip, captioned "dive with us at Michael's and five below, we find some little treasures!" she found craft kids, which she said: "At the very least I will donate the glue sticks to my kids' class."

She struck gold at Michael's, saying: "Found a $40 iron unused!"

Jennifer filmed the steam craft iron, commenting "this looks good, cord isn't cut," while she also got a glue gun, craft supplies and metal flowers.


Duuuuudddee. I never come to this bed bath and beyond anymore and today it paid off! #dumpsterdiving

♬ original sound - Jennifer

While it's not clear where Jennifer is diving, website Find Law explained while it's "technically legal in all 50 states," there are things to be mindful of.

They said: "In 1988, there was a Supreme Court case (the State of California vs. Greenwood) that ruled searching trash is legal as long as it does not conflict with any city, county, or state ordinances."

Anyone interested in dumpster diving should also thoroughly investigate federal, state, country, county and city law, along with a business's specific laws, whether it's private property, and be mindful of warning signs and padlocks.

Trespassing and even where you leave your car can see you fall foul of certain laws, plus there are always risks involved such as personal injury.

When asked how she would deal with police if they approached her, Jennifer said: "I say I'm looking for moving boxes but in like ten years of dumpster diving I've only ever run into employees or other divers, never police."

Newsweek reached out to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Five Below, CVS Pharmacy, Michael's, and Jennifer for comment.

Stock image of a dumpster
Stock image of a dumpster. A mom, who calls herself Jennifer, has been sharing her dumpster dive hauls online. visi.stock/Getty Images