Mom Hides $100 Under Dirty Sock in High-Stakes Cleaning Game With Her Kids

Any parent will know children leave a trail of destruction in their wake, but one mom turned chores into a high-stakes competition, although her kids had no idea.

Laura Ann, from Ontario, Canada, decided to spice up cleaning by adding some prize money into the mix, hiding a hundred dollar bill under a dirty sock.

She shared her sneaky tactic to her TikTok account @lauraann88, after her children refused to pick up dirty clothes left in the upstairs bathroom.

The mom hid the cash as a reward for whichever one of her brood picked up the grey sock, left by the toilet, first, after it had been sitting on the floor for nearly a week.

She filmed her sneaky competition, which she captioned: "Whose sock?"

Laura continued: "One of my children's sock has been sitting here for five days. I've hid one hundred dollars for the one who puts it in the laundry. Do you think they will ever find it?"

The clip, which she captioned "who will get the money?," has been watched nearly 2 million times since being uploaded earlier this month, and can be seen here.

Numerous moms commented on the video, praising the idea, as Monica joked: "They'll pick it up then start leaving laundry around the house til you put money under it lmao."

"I love this idea," Jcle1234 wrote, while Andrea Peters raved: "Omg I should do this."

Although Kristine Ksl admitted: "No one in my house would ever pick it up."

"Maybe when one picks it up and finds money they will start cleaning everything looking for more hidden bills," Iko_Iko_Iko reckoned.


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Boobksi asked: "What if the owner of the sock demands to get the money cause it's his sock?"

Laura claimed her children had the same footwear, as she noted for next time: "I'll make sure they don't have the same socks!"

People demanded an update to the situation, and Laura posted a follow-up on Monday. Sadly, it seemed her kids missed out on the cash prize, or at least kept quiet about it if they did.

Laura said: "After $100 was hidden for two days, the money was never claimed. My cleaning lady cleaned the bathroom and did the laundry."

Although Laura debated whether she should double check where the bill went, as she added: "I found the socks but no money. Did she get a $100 tip?"

People reckoned one of the kids may have found it and kept quiet, as Berniescree8ions added: "I think they will find and grab the hundred, but leave the sock where it is."

Susanne Brauer agreed, writing: "Mine would find it, take it, and leave the sock on the floor still."

Newsweek reached out to Laura for comment.

File photo of money in sock.
File photo of money in sock. A mom hid money under a dirty sock as a reward for whoever picked it up first. Vera Aksionava/Getty Images