Teen Daughter Backed for Calling Parent's Work Switchboard To Ask for Money

A mother on Mumsnet has been deemed "unreasonable" for "fuming" at her daughter "for ringing the switchboard to speak to me while I was at work today!! To ask if she could go to the cinema with her friends this afternoon! She's 17, if that makes any difference."

The poster went on: "She did try to ring and text my mobile but I was in a meeting! I just feel she should have waited for me to see her message or missed call instead of calling the switchboard in an effort to reach me."

Cellphones At Work

One user asked "Are you going to get in trouble at work for it? I guess it really depends what kind of work you do" to which the mother replied, "I won't get in to trouble. I'm the head of department in an extremely large company. But no I won't be in trouble for it."

While this Mumsnet user might be allowed to take calls, according to labor and employment law specialists Moshes Law, P.C., "Currently, the law makes it very clear that cellphone usage is not a personal liberty that is protected.

"Accordingly, an employer does have the right to limit or prohibit an employee of personal cellphone usage during company time and hours."

mother and daughter
Mother and daughter. Stock Image. A mother has come under fire for getting angry at her daughter calling her at work. Getty Images

Despite a company's right to say no, "Employees, however, must still be permitted to use their cellphones when they are not on the clock, such as on rest breaks or during lunch.

"It is also important that employers clearly communicate with their employees that in cases of emergency, that their family members may be able to contact the employer to reach them without delay.

"This may include having family members call the employer and talk with the receptionist, who will then contact that individual employee. Or, in the alternative, this may include having an alternative separate employee line that is specifically designated for employee emergencies only."

'Massive Overreaction'

Some 71 percent of users on Mumsnet called the mother's actions "unreasonable" with one user saying, "I 100% don't understand your problem with this. You gave her the switchboard number, she used it, it has no repercussions for you at work."

Another user asked "Why would she need your permission at 17? Would she normally ask permission?" to which the mother replied, "She needed me to transfer her some money for it".

In a follow up comment she admitted, "To be fair to her if she had waited for me to see her text/missed call then she probably wouldn't have had the money in time and therefore wouldn't have been able to go to the cinema."

One user said, "Seriously what is the issue here, it's hardly a crime to call a parent at work? To be fuming is a massive overreaction."